Oct 15, 2010

10/10 : Cricket, CWG, Endhiran, Bollywood, University, and HAPPINESS

Salutations readers! :)

Hoping that all's well for everybody. Really feels good to be back on the keyboard for whipping up yet another blogpost! :D

Sorry for having not written a "general round-up", like I usually do, in my last two blogposts. Since Champions League happened, and since Anjaana Anjaani's music happened, I really felt it was worth writing special blogpost dedicated to them only.

And WOW, am I glad with the response to my two blogposts, or what! Especially the combined music review one. Was appreciated by almost everyone who read it, and also by the very same Shekhar Ravijiani, who is indeed the composer of Anjaana Anjaani's music! Thanks a ton to Shekhar sir, and all of you who liked my blogpost. Cheers! 

Now, here's the contents list of this blogpost:
  • Cricket: India-Australia test series 2010
  • Commonwealth Games 2010: Delhi
  • 'Endhiran - The Robot' : a great step forward in Indian Cinema!
  • Bollywood: forthcoming and current releases to watch out for, and latest chartbuster tracks
  • Lifeblog: University Life - great, hectic and a whole new experience!
So here we go! :)

Cricket: India-Australia test series 2010

India whitewashes Australia in the two matches Test series. 2-0. Period. This says it all.

You wanted experience from the Indian batting line-up? Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman were there for you. You wanted amazing bowling that destroyed the overrated Aussie line-up? Zaheer, Ishant, Harbhajan and co were all there to contribute in its-and-bits. You wanted youngsters who would shine among these big names? Say hello to Murali Vijay and Chetashwar Pujara, then.

In short, this was probably the most thrilling Test series I've ever seen in my life. Everything fell in place JUST at the right time for the Indian team. My favorite moment of the series? Sachin (who usually is a cool candidate even in such contexts) raising his bat and celebrating like he were the same youngster of 20 years ago. SUPERB SIGHT, that was! :D

CWG 2010: Delhi

To be honest, I wasn't able to watch a single game of the games. Nor was I able to watch the opening or closing ceremony of them. But I was able to keep up with the medals tally all throughout. And WOW. India number TWO with 101 MEDALS!!! Jai ho!

Plus, I saw highlights of Saina Nehwal's final, which got us our last gold medal. Her victory was just so sweet! Proud of her, proud of India.

But the only dark spot of this whole event was obviously Suresh Kalmadi. Though, the crowd booing him was also a good sight. Glad to hear about an audience who doesn't just diplomatically clap the one with the mike. Respect.


'Endhiran - The Robot' - a Landmark in Indian cinema

Take Superstar Rajinikanth. Take director Shankar. Take Aishwarya Rai. And add a billion Indian rupees budget to the movie they make. Visual effects that take your breath away, scenery that takes you out from your seat in the cinema theater. And a robot that can practically do anything that ten superheros combined in one can do.

The movie was just brilliant! I had the luck of seeing it at the local Geneva theater... and I'm returning to it on Sunday to watch it again! Lol :)

If you're up for an artistic treat, don't miss it! You won't be disappointed.

(Note: the Hindi soundtrack of the album may be horrible, due to its silly lyrics. But the Tamil one is really amazing. Especially 'Puthiya Manidha' by SP Balasubramanium. Thanks to 'thiru' for pointing out this criticism in my previous blogpost. Point conceded.)
Bollywood - Movies, music and tons of entertainment on the way for the end of 2010!

The list of blockbusters to end this year is too long for me to give. But here are the flicks I'm most looking forward to are the following:

Break Ke Baad - starring Imran and Deepika, music by Vishal&Shekhar

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey - directed by Ashutosh 'Lagaan' Gowariker, a period thriller film featuring Abhishek Bachchan, and my favorite, Deepika Padukone (":D" for the last names mentioned)

Aakrosh - directed by Priyadarshan, an issue-based film with Akshaye Khanna and Ajay Devgan (it released just today)

and finally,

Guzaarish - directed by Sanjay 'Devdas' Leela Bhansali, starring the great duo Aishwarya-Hrithik.

The music of "Break Ke Baad" is worth writing a review on. Thus I will soon do so, though I won't give my opinion in this blogpost. Just keeping you guessing, lol.

Bollywood looks very promising in the coming months!


Well, it's been a year ALREADY since I've created this blog! Really really happy that it has been successful, and good platform for me to express my views on my various fields of interest. Even the title of this blog says "10/10". No, it does not stand for "ten marks on ten", but it is October 2010. A month that has been hectic to start with, but which, at halfway stage, seems to be very promising!

University Life was never going to be a piece of cake. I knew that. But I didn't expect it to be THIS hectic. The workload is constantly heavy, and one has no choice but to cope with it! So with determination, motivation (and some coffee as well, lol), by my side, I set myself a target. And that trick worked!

I guess, the only way to get rid of stress, is by being organized. Stress is only because your mind is not organized. So according to scientists, apparently, if you clean a messy room during stressful times, it eases things off! Weird, but true fact! (I've tried it.. lol)

So all I did was organize myself, and lo! The stress is already reduced majorly! :)

Not an easy ride, the one in store for me. But why fear the turbulent journey, when the destination is so beautiful? Every moment of hardwork is worth it, I guess. And that's the only thought that keeps me ticking throughout.

Anyway, I guess I've said enough for a blogpost. Lol.

Thanks for reading it, PLEASE do write in your frank comments.

Sep 14, 2010

Why Chennai Super Kings are going to emerge as Champions, this year.



Hello readers! How you all doing?

Well well well, it's already September 2010... and cricket fans, you know what that means! Champions League T20 is here again!
And this year, the champions of the IPL, CHENNAI SUPER KINGS, have qualified for it! My full support goes to them this year, even though it has been subject to criticism. Criticism, because there are people out there who believe that IPL teams don't have the potential to defeat other world-class teams.

I'm sure you that you all will agree with my Disagreement to those people. And well, I don't know about the other two teams, but CSK definitely has the upper-hand on ALL the participants of the CLT20!
And that's what makes me want to support them. Few factors which make me stick to that opinion:

- Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Captain cool. Mr. Safe Hands. Batsman who has the best temperament. What more should I say? He led his team to victory in the first T20 World Cup, and now he led his IPL team to be champions in 2010. An encore in this CLT20? I'm putting my bets on it.

- Domestic players like Balaji, Ashwin, Raina and Murali Vijay. The first two being economic bowlers, but wicket-taking as well. Vijay being the star batsman of his team in this year's IPL, and Raina being a great vice-captain for his team. And don't forget Badrinath and Srikanth, two amazing batsmen as well!

- International hotshots, in Muralitharan, Hayden, Hussey, Bollinger, Morkel and Kemp. What more do you want in this PERFECT Squad?

- A great fielding side. A red-hot bowling side. A shot-hitting batting side. An awesome coach. Great management. Anything left?

-And most importantly, a great spirit. A good blend of aggressive players and calm batsmen, youth and experience, Indian and International members.

- And finally, fans like us. All around the world, people are cheering for CSK. And they definitely deserve it!

All this makes me want to *Whistle Podu* for Chennai Super Kings even more! Come on Dhoni and co.! Bring that cup to India now!!!


Sep 13, 2010

09/10 - Combined Hindi Music Review: Anjaana Anjaani & Robot

Salutations all! :D

Hope all are doing well. It's been exactly 1 and half months I've not written on this blog and I must admit it does feel weird to pen down my opinion, after such a long time gap.

Anyway, I will be soon writing a blogpost on August and September, two AMAZING months of my life. 2010 is just getting better and better for me! :) I hope all are having a great 2010 as well... Cheers to all! :D

But well, this blogpost will mainly consist of reviewing two Hindi movie soundtracks. Both are from forthcoming Bollywood blockbusters. One is the movie ANJAANA ANJAANI. And the other, ROBOT. (Also known as ENDHIRAN - THE ROBOT)

The reason why I'm combining both reviews into one blogpost, is because the two soundtracks are very VERY different. Two opposites, in fact. According to me, one of them has failed BIG TIME, and the other, has really emerged as probably the best soundtrack of the year! Now which of the two is the better album, is what you will find out at the end of this blogpost.



A.R. Rahman. One name that really went to global fame, after his overhyped 'Jai Ho' composition, in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. But according to me, 'Jai Ho' shouldn't be the yardstick to measure Rahman's amazing talent. Because he has composed WAY better music than that!

If you tend to judge a book by its cover, then 'Robot' seems to be a great movie. Directed by Shankar. Music by A.R. Rahman. But unfortunately, the music of the movie really disappoints! It comes as a shocker, when you expect SUCH good things from a composer like Rahman.

The album starts with Naina Miley, probably among the only attractions in it. Because it has a catchy beat, and great vocals by the maestro himself. That apart, after a certain time, one would tend to start getting bored with the song, because the initial thrill of the song would gradually die, after hearing it a dozen times.

Then, it is followed by Pagal Anukan, which is according to me, the ONLY gem of the album. Great composition, great vocals by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal, and a great melodious and (yet again!) catchy song. The only downside? The silly lyrics. Now, that REALLY spoils the show.

Chitti Dance Showcase is a good 3-minute instrumental. But that's all to it. No lyrics, just some melodious vocals. So one can't really find pleasure in hearing the song, as much as one would tend to, watching the visuals of it, in the movie.

Now comes the silliest song of the album. Arima Arima. Lyrics fail YET AGAIN. You can't help but smile mockingly at the silliness of the wordings. By the way, I'm still trying to figure out what "Arima" and "Yentra" mean in Hindi. That apart, vocals are good, by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam. But the music itself is too repetitive. Lack of melody in this one!

Which is followed by the second-funniest song of the album. The name of the song speaks for itself. Kilimanjaro. Okay, so I may sound like a repetitive parrot, but what is wrong with the lyricist, the well-known Swanand Kirkire? Maybe the transliteration from Tamil to Hindi didn't work out. Or maybe it's just the song. The beat is not bad though, and vocals are good here too. But the instrumentals are just pure noise. Sorry Rahman sir, but I am just too disappointed with this album so far.

Then comes Boom Boom Robo Da. They repeat the word 'Robo' so many times, that it gets to your nerves after a point. The instrumentals though, are extremely good, and impressive. Good blend of Western and Indian melodies. Even vocals are good. But Swanand Kirkire should really revise his methods here. Because the wordings are really spoiling the somewhat-good music.

And finally (YES, FINALLY!), comes O Naye Insaan. The sad ending to the sad album. Haunting tune, weird electronically modified vocals, and a boring song overall. The only interest one can have in listening to this song, is the curiosity to hear Rahman's daughter's voice. Yes, Khatija Rahman is the female singer of the song, and she has a nice voice! But even her soothing voice couldn't save this song.

In short, Robot doesn't impress. Period. And I myself, being probably among Rahman's biggest fans, feel sad to declare this. But hey, next time, I'm sure he won't make the mistake to appoint Mr. Kirkire as the lyricist of his songs. Or atleast, I hope so!

My Rating for ROBOT's soundtrack: * 1/2 (One and half stars, out of five)



Who would have thought that the duo of Vishal & Shekhar could overshadow the maestro Rahman? Not me, atleast! Whether it is OM SHANTI OM or BLUFFMASTER, BACHNA AE HASEENO or I HATE LUV STORYS... these two have certainly made their mark in Bollywood... and how!

Anjaana Anjaani is according to me, THE best Hindi soundtrack of the year... so far! Let's see if anybody can outdo this album... though I doubt it!

Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani is the perfect start to the album. Catchy beats, awesome vocals by youngsters Nikhil D'Souza and Monali Thakur, and excellent tune. All the perfect factors for a good dance number. My favorite part of the song? "All the Anjaana say yeah yeah yeah!! all the Anjaanis say yeah yeah yeah!!" May sound silly, but that is one tune that one can easily get hooked to!

Needed a song which has great guitar portions? Then Hairat is perfectly made for you! A great pace, AMAZING vocals by Lucky Ali, and an awesome tune. Perfect recipe for a superb song, to add in this amazing album. (Wow, that's lot of superlatives for one song, I guess!)

Then comes my favorite song in the album. Aas Paas Khuda. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan seems to be having a great time in Bollywood, because every song he sings, turns out to be a gem! This one has an interesting combination; excellent melody, and amazing guitar portions in the background, which gives sort of a rock-feel to the song. Though what made this my favorite song, is definitely the vocals! Especially the "Mitt Jaate Hai, Sabke Nishaan" part! Hats off to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan!

Tumse Hi Tumse is just too melodious. And that's why it's addictive! Comes the fourth song, which displays composer Shekhar Ravijiani as this outstanding vocalist as well! The song certainly brings a smile to the face, thanks to its lovely lyrics! Kudos to Shekhar again!

Now, after a string of four "happy" songs, comes the tragic one called Tujhe Bhoola Diya. Mohit Chauhan does great in such tones, and he is accompanied by a wonderful Shruti Pathak, and also Shekhar, once again! The melody is yet again addictive, especially the folkish parts.

After a sad song, comes a song called I Feel Good. And the name of the song says it all. If you are down, and you feel like you need a moral booster, go for this one! Full-on track, with yet again, great vocals! Composer Vishal Dadlani himself comes behind the mike for this one, with superb Shilpa Rao (of Khuda Jaane fame), and delivers a power-packed track!

And last, but NOT the least, Anjaana Anjaani, the "originally planned" title track, brings out the best vocals in the same duo of the previous song, Vishal & Rao. A nice track, not outstanding, but has its own charm. Great instrumentals makes this one memorable.

Well, I believe that I have made my point. In short, go for this album. You won't be disappointed! If I weren't living in Geneva, I would have certainly bought the album! Well, that's certainly an advantage for Indian residents. But that won't stop me from enjoying ANJAANA ANJAANI's music! 

My Rating for ANJAANA ANJAANI's soundtrack: **** (Four stars, out of five)

Hope you enjoyed my 2-in-1 music review, and please please please, POST A COMMENT! Very much appreciated, thanks in advance! :-)

Best regards,
Yours truly,

Jul 25, 2010

June & July 2010 : Months That I'll Never Forget

Hello all! :D

First of all, thanks for having liked my last blogpost. :) Really made me extremely happy!

Secondly, my apologies for not having written for so long. The reasons WHY I couldn't write anything during the last two months, will be explained in this current blogpost. So stay tuned, because the show is about to begin! Lol ;)

In short, I will be discussing three main topics in this post;

  1. June and July: Months of Success and Happiness
  2. Cricket: India vs Sri Lanka, Australia vs Pakistan
  3. Movies: Hindi movies, 'Toy Story 3', 'Eclipse' and 'Inception'
Quite a normal pattern that I've been following in all my posts, I guess... So well, here goes!

June and July 2010

Well, as you guys may have read and noticed in my last blogpost, I had my crucial final Maturity Exams during the whole month of June. The title of my blogpost is indeed a good overview of what June actually was for me; unforgettable. Thirteen exams in a span of one month was extremely hectic, and nerve-wrecking. But what was even more unforgettable, was what followed; the Results. Surprisingly, I was even more anxious before the display of the results, than I actually was during my exams! Then came the board of the results... and yes, I PASSED! :D Check out this video to see my various college-mates' reactions at their results:


Thrilling, isn't it? :) To see my name on that board, was just so relieving! Plus, to go back home and celebrate it with the family was even more lovely. :) So yes, overall, it was a great experience. One of the best moments of my life!

Just like I said in one of my first blogposts, Life is indeed a Rollercoster ride... ups and downs all throughout.. And when it goes down and down, you get a feeling it will remain there.. but no, just when it has reach its lowest level, it's time to take it UP again! :D That's the beauty of Life.

And then came the Graduation Ceremony. Although Modesty is very much required at those times, I felt a lot of Pride in holding that piece of paper in my hands. My hard-earned, well-deserved 'Maturité' (the diploma you get after four years of college). And what was even more amazing, was the atmosphere in the auditorium. All the students screaming out of excitement, families cheering for the loved ones, ... it felt as if we were in a Stadium, than an auditorium! :D

So yes, June was indeed a very special month for me. Loved every bit of how it ended.

And then came July, a month where I experienced an important aspect of Life; Work. A summer job is not always convenient, especially when one really really wants to be on holidays after such a stressful period of exams. 

However, it was a good experience. My office colleagues are extremely friendly, and I've been given light tasks to complete. So not really a burden, I guess. On the contrary, I learned a lot during this month of July. So, I'm hoping that I would get to do yet another summer job next year, since it's always good to add those references in your CV.

And July will also be positively unforgettable for the following main event which occurred to me; the arrival of a new member in our family. :D My aunt gave birth to a lovely girl, Geethika.. and I've become extremely fond of her! :) I've always dreamt of having a little sister, and well, God has fulfilled that wish of mine! Yay! :D

So those were the reasons why June and July 2010 will remain carved in my memories forever. :)

Now, it's time for Cricket and Movies news! :D


First of all, I salute Muttiah Muralitharan. 800 wickets is indeed an unmatchable feat. It was a pleasure watching him spin the ball so marvelously, and I guess now that Kumble, Warne and him have retired, the spin department will really need some new wizards to show their magic. Harbhajan Singh is the only name that comes to my mind. Lol :P

Hmm, probably for the first time in my life, I didn't mind seeing India losing their 1st Test vs Sri Lanka. Because at least Muralitharan got to finish off his career with a fairy-tale ending! It really made me glad to see him achieve that milestone. So cheers to Murali! :)

Interestingly, I was more glued while watching Pakistan-Australia, rather than India-Sri Lanka! Because it really made me super-excited to watch the mighty Australian team lose to Pakistan! I mean, 88 all-out.. and that too Australia? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw those figures on the scorecard! Too good to be true! (Without meaning any offense to the Australian team, lol :P)

So yeah, two good series going on... Looking forward to both of those series! Go Pakistan, and go India! (wow, have you ever heard anybody shouting out for both countries? lol :P)


And now, for the final topic of this blog; Movies. Many many good movies have released, and are going to release... and I want to see them all!   

But before coming to those, let's quickly review few movies which released in the past months.

'Raavan' was a flop. And I guess it deserved its fate, since the movie was nothing 'out-of-the-world' as people expected. Of course, the cinematography was excellent, and music was great too... but that was all that came out of it.

'I Hate Luv Storys' was a nice entertainer. Light-hearted romantic comedies are often winners in Bollywood. And this one was one for sure. :)

Now, those were the movies that released and that I saw. Now there are other movies which look interesting.

In Bollywood, 'Tere Bin Laden' looks to be a funny movie. 'Khatta Meetha' looks to be a boring rip-off of yet another Malayalam film by Priyadarshan. But there are two big movies which I'm really looking for; 'Dabangg' and 'Aisha'.

Check out the following promos:

Dabangg - first trailer ... Salman is looking in GREAT form!

'Suno Aisha' - Aisha ... Isn't Sonam just too gorgeous? :D

I'm DEFINITELY going to watch Aisha this time... and I'm sure it's going to be fun! :D

Dabangg also looks like fun :)

Now coming to Hollywood films; 

I REALLY REALLY want to watch 'Eclipse', as I have read its book and I loved it!

'Toy Story 3' looks to be a nice way to end the Toy Story series. Looks very interesting as well :)

But the movie I'm really really eager to watch is 'Inception'... as I'm a big fan of such movies, which really make you think for it to make sense!

Well, that's all I got to say about movies for this blogpost. :)

Concluding Note

It's really been a pleasure to write yet another blogpost. Interestingly, June and July are NOT the best months of my Life. Because I'm getting a feeling that August will be even MORE fantastic, since I will be probably having my BEST TRIP to India EVER. My trip to Mumbai this year will be very eventful... and I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to it!!! Am sure I will enjoy every single bit of it! :D And then in September, I will be joining the University of Geneva in the faculty of Maths :) So very eventful months are on the way for me.

So here's bidding you 'Goodbye', enjoy the summer if you are in Europe, and enjoy the Monsoons if you are in India, and most importantly, enjoy LIFE wherever you are! Lol ;)

A final quote to finish off this post:

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” -Ashley Smith

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as I've enjoyed writing it.


May 28, 2010

Goal: Final Maturity exams, the finishing Line to these 4 years of college

Exams and studies talk

Ouch... ay carumba... SHOOTS! ... and whatnot.

I feel like saying all this and more, because my final Maturity exams are approaching, and I'm feeling weird. That's because it will be the last exams I will be writing in my college... time flew so fast! 

Today I just had my last day of college, and I'm already feeling all sorts of mixed up emotions in me. What I mean by "mixed up emotions", is, for example, feeling happy that I won't be talking German for the rest of my life, but also feeling sad that I won't have easy subjects like English in the future studies I will pursue. Its also sad to leave this nice atmosphere I had in my class... but for hopefully even better ones in the near future! There are few teachers and sirs that I will miss, but there are others that I'm happy to bid goodbye, hahaha, lol... 

Overall, I was very lucky to study at Collège d'André-Chavanne, because what makes it special, is the warm ambiance that the students and few sirs and teachers contribute to it. :)

Back to the topic of exams. Well, I will be having 13 exams, in the timespan of 22 days... which is, as you may have noticed, A LOT! However, apparently, not all results are revealed to the students, because they want a maximum of students to pass their year. A fair system, one must say. That's the reason why almost nobody has failed their 4th year in the past few years in my college.

This time, to reduce the stress level, I made myself a study plan. Hectic, but efficient, it should be helping me make a good cake out this exams batter. So for those who (like me) have tendencies to panic during exams, the only advice I can give is ORGANIZE YOURSELF. It always helps.

Well, my final words on this topic; I had a great time these 4 years, and I will really miss these awesome college days I had... and I'm really hoping, crossing my fingers, praying, and etc. that I WILL PASS these exams. Will work hard this time, and will see if it will help or not. Next milestone in mind: University of Geneva, Faculty of Maths.

Miscellaneous stuff...

And just as expected, during my exams, awesome Bollywood movies will release, there will be quite some Indian cricket, plus the Football World Cup will start. Just my luck!

Just recently, the music of Imran-Sonam starrer 'I Hate Luv Stories' just released, and I'm totally all over this new song called 'Bin Tere' sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali (of 'Mitwa' fame). The album is composed by Vishal-Shekhar, and its quite well composed... very peppy tracks, I loved them all!

And just as I finish writing this blog post, India just lost their 1st ODI in the Zimbabwe tri-series... and that too against Zimbabwe itself! ARGH! The squad is composed of only youngsters... no Sachin, no Dhoni... nobody! Hmph.
Concluding Note

Well, it was a pleasure to write my views on my current situation and current events that occurring around me. Once again, a special mention to College André-Chavanne; those were special moments I got to spend there in the college.

For those who have their exams, good luck! For others, cheerios :D Always a pleasure to pen in my thoughts on this blog :) Now its time for me to officially start my revisions...
Best regards, 
Studiously yours (lol),

May 13, 2010

May 2010: T20 World Cup, Bolly news, and other stuff

Salutations Readers! 

How y'all doing?

My life's pretty much the same... in other words, there is still as much Bollywood, Cricket and Happiness as there usually is! ;) In this month's post, I will briefly talk about the current biggest event of Cricket, the T20 World Cup of course, and I will also mention few Bollywood films that released, and those that are going to release! So fasten your seat belts, coz' the ride is just about to begin ;)

Cricket - T20 World Cup

Well, India failed... yet again... and this time also, they couldn't win any of their Super 8 matches... Here are a few factors that caused our downfall in my opinion:
- Ravindra Jadeja: he couldn't bat well, he couldn't bowl well, and he couldn't even field properly. Total failure.

- Yuvraj Singh: his batting was simply pathetic this time... and to believe that he was the man who hit those six 6s against England in the first T20 WC.
- Yusuf Pathan: his terrible economy in his bowling probably lost matches in the Super 8s.

- Ashish Nehra: always starts off well, but can't bowl at all in the death overs. His last over in India's last match vs Sri Lanka was just pure horrible, to say the least. Why bowl a short ball on the last ball of a match, when yorkers can easily win matches??
- the bouncing pitch: our batsmen simply couldn't play the short balls.. what ever happened to the pull shot or the uppercut? I guess only people like Sachin and Sehwag can play those...

And finally the main reason, according to me: the Indian Premier League. Players got so much used to the Indian pitches, that they just couldn't adjust to the West Indian bouncy tracks. Plus, these IPL Nights were worse than a crime! Discipline, please!

Personally, I think that England will win this World Cup, and I'm hoping the final will be England vs Australia. Let's see how things go...

Bolly news

First of all, here is the latest promo of the movie called "I Hate Luv Stories", starring Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor, produced by Karan Johar. It looks too cool! :D

Now, the two new releases of the month look quite interesting at first; "Housefull" and "Badmaash Company". But apparently, Housefull is a very dumb movie. And Badmaash Company was opened to mixed reviews...

However, the following three movies are certainly going to be big openers for Bollywood; "Kites", "Raavan" and "Rajneeti"

First, Kites. Two words that make me want to watch it: Hrithik Roshan.


Secondly, Raavan. My favorite of the three for 2 reasons; Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman's music. Plus, Abhishek Bachchan is a bonus to that package.

Thirdly, Rajneeti. A huge starcast, and a wonderful director. What else?

Concluding note

Well... my exams are approaching, and I will be "hibernating" (as a close friend of mine calls it, lol)... which means i wouldn't be posting on this blog as regularly as before... but before i 'hibernate', I will post two more topics, if i can. Please do read them, and do leave comments.

Best Regards,

Apr 26, 2010

Final views on the Indian Premier League 2010

Salutations to all!
For those only interested to read on the IPL, I suggest you jump to the 3rd paragraph of this post, lol!

Well well well... looks like I'm back, after many months... First of all, I apologize for not having kept my word, and for not writing as promised, the mentionned blogposts... Usually, people would say 'Better Late than Never', but here it is really too late to write on things like the 'Shiv Sena vs Shahrukh' controversy... My final opinion on it: Justice always triumphs! Well, that was for one of the 3 topics... The others are very out-dated...


Well well well, let's come back to the main topic... Three letters that rock the nation: I-P-L. According to me, IPL 2010 was the best of the lot, compared to the previous years. Mainly because of one reason: the audience was treated to an excellent performance by many previously unknown young players, and to master-class perfos by the experienced aces of the game... A good blend of class and excitement, with a whole lot of entertainement, is what has made this IPL a huge, and even huger success than expected.

Young players to watch out for in the very near future

Murali Vijay - One of my favorites this year. Previously known as this "safe" Test opener, he has redefined himself as this hard-hitting Chennai Super King who can clear the boundary with great ease. Selectors of the BCCI, thanks for taking note of this player. I'm extremely glad he will play the T20 World Cup.

Pragyan Ojha - The leading wicket-taker of this edition of the IPL, he impressed a lot with the turn he brings to the ball. Clearly the man who gave Deccan Chargers crucial wickets that led them to the semis.

Robin Uthappa - Who can forget his 3 sixers in a row in this IPL? The real finisher for the Royal Challengers, he's the one who gave the fans a real treat. Why oh why didn't the selectors take him in account for the squad of the T20 WC?

Ashok Dinda - This under-rated and unnoticed player of the Kolkata took some great wickets this year... too bad he wasn't consistent enough... But some great plays by him won few matches for the KKRs.

Saurabh Tiwary - This Dhoni-look-alike actually hit many balls out of the ground, and punished various bowlers. He has truly earned his place in the Mumbai Indians squad... just hoping that he won't lose it! Thoroughly deserve the 'Citi U-23 Success of the Tournament' Award!

Ravichandran Ashwin - This match winning Super King did great to help CSK defend 140 in the semis vs DC, and he was a great contribution to the bowling in the final vs MI. His economy in the Powerplay overs was just magnificent; around 4 runs per over only, I think. Yet another chap who didn't get to make it in the T20 WC Squad!

Great captains

Shane Warne - He truly fought well for the RRs... His strategies were good, and well conducted, but not too good to make it to the semis, unfortunately...

Anil Kumble - This "old fox", as Ravi Shastri calls him, really put up an agressive show this year. His economy was great, and his wickets were quite crucial at certain times of the match.

Sachin Tendulkar - No words to describe his captaincy. Great leader, great batsman. What else?

Sourav Ganguly - Maybe a controversial choice, but he led his team quite well. Was the leading run-scorer for his team, even though his strike rate wasn't great. And impressive fielding as well by Dada.

The final and the final verdict

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings. The perfect contest. What more to ask?

Unfortunately, Mumbai made a big mess of what could have appeared as an easy chase for them, considering the batsmen they had in their line-up. Though, their best man, Kieron Pollard was brought in too late. And the management should and will be blamed for this ridiculous decision, which cost them the match. Plus, Mumbai's fielding was pretty ordinary.

Chennai were probably the best total-defenders ever in this IPL. First they defended a meagre 140-score in the semi-final vs DC. Now, they make the wickets tumble while defening 169. Their fielding was top-class, with great catches and a great run-out.

Overall, Chennai's bowling and Raina's performance is what clearly made this contest more interesting for the Super Kings.

Congrats to Dhoni and Co. You truly deserved this victory. Next goal for the Super Kings: Win the Champions League!

For those who missed the final of the IPL, here's the highlights of it on this link:

The sad ending: The IPL Controversies

Tharoor, Modi, Shashank Manohar... all are names involved in this big mess. I don't want to develop more on this topic, as it personally sickens me. It's just too sad...

What's next?

Well, all players are now about to proceed for the Twenty20 World Cup in the West Indies. Good luck to Dhoni and the Indian team, they will really need it without the likes of Sachin, Uthappa, Ojha and etc.

And finally, good luck to the two new franchises, IPL Kochi and IPL Pune, who will hopefully make the tournament even more exciting next year! The Pune team will be called the "Sahara Pune Warriors"... great!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Cheers to all,

Feb 11, 2010

New Year.. New beginning... New make-over for the blog

Hello all!

Well, I'm back!... after a stressful month of exams in December, and a hard month of studies in January....

First of all, I've got to explain all the new changes for this blog, since I've decided to:
1) change the link to my blog, which is now easier to access, since I made it shorter. All you need to do is type "santhosh-geneva.blogspot.com" and lo comes the page! LOL
2) change the color theme of the blog... Blue is in for this season! LOL ;)
and 3) discuss only ONE topic per blogpost... I noticed that people don't want to read my whole posts, because its too long!

So here are the topics I'm going to talk about in my following posts:
  • Quick movie review: "3 Idiots" - a great entertainer, and well-made flick!
  • "My Name is Khan" Controversy - why the Shiv Sena should be banned for ruining SRK's finest work ever...
  • India v South Africa Test series: Dhoni's first loss as Test captain, and how he should come back in the 2nd Match!
Well, that's all for this blogpost... Please do read my following ones, and tell me what you think about it!

Waiting for your comments,