May 13, 2010

May 2010: T20 World Cup, Bolly news, and other stuff

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How y'all doing?

My life's pretty much the same... in other words, there is still as much Bollywood, Cricket and Happiness as there usually is! ;) In this month's post, I will briefly talk about the current biggest event of Cricket, the T20 World Cup of course, and I will also mention few Bollywood films that released, and those that are going to release! So fasten your seat belts, coz' the ride is just about to begin ;)

Cricket - T20 World Cup

Well, India failed... yet again... and this time also, they couldn't win any of their Super 8 matches... Here are a few factors that caused our downfall in my opinion:
- Ravindra Jadeja: he couldn't bat well, he couldn't bowl well, and he couldn't even field properly. Total failure.

- Yuvraj Singh: his batting was simply pathetic this time... and to believe that he was the man who hit those six 6s against England in the first T20 WC.
- Yusuf Pathan: his terrible economy in his bowling probably lost matches in the Super 8s.

- Ashish Nehra: always starts off well, but can't bowl at all in the death overs. His last over in India's last match vs Sri Lanka was just pure horrible, to say the least. Why bowl a short ball on the last ball of a match, when yorkers can easily win matches??
- the bouncing pitch: our batsmen simply couldn't play the short balls.. what ever happened to the pull shot or the uppercut? I guess only people like Sachin and Sehwag can play those...

And finally the main reason, according to me: the Indian Premier League. Players got so much used to the Indian pitches, that they just couldn't adjust to the West Indian bouncy tracks. Plus, these IPL Nights were worse than a crime! Discipline, please!

Personally, I think that England will win this World Cup, and I'm hoping the final will be England vs Australia. Let's see how things go...

Bolly news

First of all, here is the latest promo of the movie called "I Hate Luv Stories", starring Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor, produced by Karan Johar. It looks too cool! :D

Now, the two new releases of the month look quite interesting at first; "Housefull" and "Badmaash Company". But apparently, Housefull is a very dumb movie. And Badmaash Company was opened to mixed reviews...

However, the following three movies are certainly going to be big openers for Bollywood; "Kites", "Raavan" and "Rajneeti"

First, Kites. Two words that make me want to watch it: Hrithik Roshan.


Secondly, Raavan. My favorite of the three for 2 reasons; Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman's music. Plus, Abhishek Bachchan is a bonus to that package.

Thirdly, Rajneeti. A huge starcast, and a wonderful director. What else?

Concluding note

Well... my exams are approaching, and I will be "hibernating" (as a close friend of mine calls it, lol)... which means i wouldn't be posting on this blog as regularly as before... but before i 'hibernate', I will post two more topics, if i can. Please do read them, and do leave comments.

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