Nov 14, 2009

In the middle of November, a stressful, eventful, yet beautiful month!


Hello to all!

Well, I'm super super happy of the feedback I got for my last blogpost, talking about Luck and Destiny, and I got a very interesting feedback from a friend who actually said that it was "an eyeopener" for her... Well, I'm glad that my blog actually makes you think, since that's one of my aims through it!
For those don't see a clue of what I'm talking about, I'd advise you to check the following link and read my previous blogpost!

This is the first blogpost that I'm actually sharing on Facebook, so I would actually like to welcome you guys, if you are reading a post of mine for the first time! I would suggest that you read my first post, so that you know what shape my posts will have, and please do give me your comments on that:

OK, enough Thank Yous and suggestions from my side, so let's have a look at the content of my current blogpost, lol:

  • Short talk about Hard Work and Efforts (according to me!)
  • Google Wave
  • Bollywood talk: weird news; 'Jail' a flop, and 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani' a hit!
  • My Travail de Maturit√©
  • and finally the usual BCFQC to end up this post (= BOLLY VIDEOS OF WEEK+ CRICKET INFO FOR THE WEEK+ FUNNY STUFF OF THE WEEK+ QUOTE OF THE WEEK+Concluding note)
Okay, so November has been quite a tough month for me... since I had SO MANY exams to catch up... What people tend to do in my situation is panic, and that's where stress and frustration come in the equation. Well, that's what happened to me, but as they say "You should be controlling the stress, the stress shouldn't control you!"

The one thing that helped me keep my breath till the hard time got over is to remember that Efforts and Hard Work will only pay off if we give our 100% at what we give. This goes with what I said in my last post, the results are not always in our hand, but at least you know that you gave your maximum efforts...

And if things go bad this time, then in the words of Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, "To woh THE END nahi... Picture abhi bhi baaki hai mere dost... Picture abhi bhi baaki hai!" (for those who don't know Hindi, its a dialog in which SRK says "Today I realize that like our movies, in our life, by the end everything gets resolved... happy endings... But if it isn't resolved, then it is not THE END yet, because the picture is still not over my friend, the picture 's still not over...")
Well, that was for the philosophical part of the blog... now time for me to give short review of Google Wave. For those who don't know what Google Wave is, I'd advise them to take out 1 hour and 20 minutes of their life to watch this long, but SUPER-IMPRESSIVE video presenting the new website:

Personally, I really don't like it much so far, since it's quite complicated for newbies like me, but I'm sure that Google Wave will find more users, and that once people actually start using it fully, that's when the fun will start! It's like Twitter.. it used to be very boring at first for me, but when I knew that there filmstars on it, and that they actually reply to you, I started using it fully, plus it's very fun to use the "@" and "#" functions in your Tweets (interestingly, they even started using the @ function on Facebook now!)

Unfortunately, I do not have the function where I can invite people to GWave, but once I do, I will surely inform you guys, and that's when I will start sending them out for those who are interested...

Ok, now it's time for some Bollywood talk (people who aren't interested, please skip to the next paragraphs, lol!) :

Unfortunately, the movie 'Jail' has turned out to be a mega-flop, which I find very sad. It's been made by National-Award(s)-winning filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar, plus it treats a very delicate issue of how people are treated in jails. I'm pretty sure that it should be a good movie, so my advice to people would be to go ahead and watch it!

The reason why this happened is the release of comedy flick 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani', which on the contrary is turning out to be a mega-hit! One of the biggest openers of the year, actually! And what's not to like? Answer to that: Nothing, since Ranbir Kapoor is rocking, Katrina Kaif looks in terrific form, Pritam's music attracts the masses and appeals to all, and to top it all, it's been directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, the guy whose last comedy movie was Andaz Apna Apna! I personally just laugh looking at the promos of the flick, so I'm hoping that I won't die of laughter watching the entire movie...

Anyways, Bhandarkar did a wrong thing by releasing this movie at the same time of this biggie, that's the main reason why 'Jail' flopped according to me... (Plus, I add that the music of Jail is BAD, apart from the songs 'Saiyan Ve' and 'Milke Yun Laga')

Now finally, before ending up this post with the usual BCFQC, here's to inform that I finally completed my
'Travail de Maturité' this week! (= the final year project that consists of writing 6000-8000 words on any subject you like..)

I wrote it on one of my favorite movies of all-time, Taare Zameen Par, and on the topic that appears in the movie; Dyslexia. For those who are interested to read it, I can send a copy of my TM by e-mail.

Alright then! Time for the BCFQC! (for those on Facebook, I advise you to go directly on the blog link, so that you can view the videos on them)

B - Bolly Videos of the Week

3 Idiots - starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani ... movie looks very interesting!

Paa - starring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Paresh Rawal ... wow, doesn't Amitabh just perform so BRILLIANTLY as a child? Plus, the music of Illaiyaraja is so so melodious...

Song Paisa from the movie De Dana Dan, starring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal and Sunil Shetty... wooow, Katrina is looking her BEST in this song! But yes, I also noticed that the tune is copied from Usher's song "Yeah"

C - Cricket Info for the Week

Ok, so we lost vs Australia in a very shameful manner... Big deal! These are just learning curves for our Indian team, to prepare us for the World Cup 2011... I was anyway glad to see centuries from the two big pillars of our team, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and the birth of new all-rounders in Praveen Kumar and Harbhajan Singh (who unfortunately couldn't do well with the ball, lol! yet, it was amazing to watch them bat so so well...)

I would like to mainly salute to Sachin Tendulkar for having completed 20 years in the Indian Team. 20 Years of Greatness in a career that I can't describe in a mere blogpost... so here's a link to an amazing article written by Harsha Bhogle:

Sachin's mind is still strong

F - Funny Stuff for the Week

Here's a witty Tweet I saw on my Twitter timeline:

RT @BestAt RT @sween: Before the Internet, if someone disappeared, it meant you should go looking for them. Now it means they got a life.

Q - Quote of the Week

"By wishing something, nothing ever happens... even by working hard for it, sometimes nothing happens... so all that's left is to be happy that you made efforts! Let there be hope and optimism thereafter..."

-Santhosh Muraleedharan

C - Concluding Note Well, that's all for this time, I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much I enjoyed writing it! :) Do keep reading my posts, and please continue to give me your frank opinion on my posts... Till then, thanks for reading my post, cheerios, take care and most importantly: KEEP SMILING! Yours truly, Santhosh

Oct 29, 2009

A never-ending Tornado, not a rollercoaster ride...

Hello all!

First of all, a big thank you for the great feedback I've been getting on my blog. Keep the comments coming!

Well, for those who don't understand the title, I'm talking of Life. People call it a 'rollercoaster ride', and I agree. But for me, it's been wilder than that! It has become as I call it a 'wildly-spinning Tornado'. Things keep revolving around me... sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad one.

I firmly believe in the fact that 99% of your Life is in YOUR hands. The remaining 1% is the outer factors. Some call it Luck, some call it Destiny... some say it's God's Helping Hand. I believe in them all! Best example is flipping a coin or tossing a dice. You can't control their outcome, can you? Well, that's Life... you just can't control all that happens around you... The worst external factor is the dependence to other people, and that is often very omnipresent in Life. (Example: you reach at an appointment right on time, but your friend reaches late... so now it is delayed because of your friend and not you!)

Personally, I've not been having lots of luck in the past few weeks of my life... but I don't really care, since I know I did my part of the job, and now if God wants to curse me with a negative outcome, I can't do much but try harder every time. It's not easy, but one should never give up. And living 18 years (and a very stressful period during last 3 and a half years of my life!) has taught me that this is LIFE.

This principal can be applied in anything that requires hard work and motivation. Losing weight, or getting a good mark at your French exam... these are included in both the sectors; the 99% of Your Efforts and the 1% of God's Hand in it (or Luck or Destiny or whatever you call it). Because it is said that if you give in your best efforts, God will do His Job and give you a result.

Hope this post gives you motivation as much as it has given me some after writing it! :)

Ok, enough serious talk, now time for the BCFQC!

B - Bolly Videos of the Week

Chance Pe Dance theatrical trailer, starring the Superstar-In-The-Making, Shahid Kapoor, and Genelia D'Souza... MINDBLOWING WATCH :D

Tu Jaane Na (Remix) - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani ... isn't Katrina just so Beautiful? :)

C - Cricket Info for the Week

Oh yes, it's my favorite season in cricket... INDIA v AUSTRALIA SERIES! :D yaaaaay!

Well well, we are 2-1, thanks to our back-on-track youngsters' bowling, sensible batting, and improved fielding... Ishant Sharma is finally performing better than before, Praveen Kumar is doing wonders, and Ashish Nehra is BACK, and how! Jadeja's bowling is great too, but the analysts should stop emphasizing on his batting and call him an all-rounder...

And don't even get me started on our batting line-up! It's the best in the world, and the world should know it by now. Because with the likes of a Sachin Tendulkar, or a Yuvraj Singh, or Mahendra Singh Dhoni (my favorite :D), a ENTIRE Bowling line-up's figures can be DESTROYED! And that's not all! We also have the Chennai Superking, Suresh Raina, plus the Delhi Daredevils Duo, Gambhir and Sehwag. In the words of George Clooney: What else?

So my bets are that we will win this contest fair and square, and that's what Oz' needs to chillax and not get the Champions Trophy victory get to their head...

To finish off, let me put the link of one of my favorite article of Cricinfo, and very recent one, describing the victorious partnership of Yuvraj and Dhoni:

A partnership made in batting heaven -

F - Funny Stuff for the Week

Sorry for those who don't understand Hindi, but I just couldn't resist feeling Nostalgic and putting a video of the movie I'm DYING to watch... called Andaz Apna Apna! This movie released at the very beginning of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan's career... directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, this comedy flick is one of the most sold DVDs in India! I think I might also buy one ;)

Q - Quote of the Week

"Sometimes you think you deserve something very badly, and never got it... but it's not a question of 'deserving or not', it's rather a question of Destiny... The only reason why Destiny snatches something from you, it's because there's something better waiting somewhere out there... so go look for it, rather than crying out your losses to the world!"

-Santhosh Muraleedharan

C - Concluding Note

Sorry for the Serious philosophical talks, next posts will be more light, no worries :)
Till then, thanks for reading my post, cheerios, take care and most importantly:

Happy November to All,

Oct 16, 2009

Happy October!

Well well well.. looks like October is eventful and looking to be even more eventful for some people around this world... and since it's a Friday, you know what it means on this blog: NEW BLOG POST! :D

Contents of the post:
  1. my trip to Corfu
  2. The INFERNAL Return from Heaven
  3. Champions League T20 2009
  4. Hindi Movies

So much happened to me in such little time... but the main highlight of my LIFE was my trip to Corfu. Trust me, it can be Life-changing! The most interesting was when I was on top Pantokrator... now that was DEFINITELY life-changing for me! Because I was above the clouds, and the most interesting was to witness such a moment in the day, where on your left, you see the moon, and on the right, you see the sun setting. I never believed in astrology, because I personally never thought that planets can emit vibrations to people, but I think this trip to Greece changed my entire concept of the word Astrology. It's a very interesting topic, and now I'm a believer! I was at my highest intellect when on top of the mountain... the proof: I spent 4 hours of pure maths (and I wanted to... yes, I know, I AM a workaholic, and I finally admit it!) to develop a 100% win-ratio at Roulette! (For those who don't gamble [ironically, like me!] it's this game where you bet on numbers, and you spin a wheel, and when the number you chose comes, you win a lot of 'cashola'!)

What was even more interesting was the Greek people... they know so much about everything in General, and especially India! I happened to befriend this super-friendly elderly crew member of the Cruise I went on (we'll come to that later, lol!), and HE was telling ME about various Indian cultures... and I was so impressed! I was getting a feeling that I was talking to an Indian! Ok, so maybe I'm exagerating, but this guy happened to know about Ayurveda, Deepak Chopra, Sai Baba and etc. So it was really fun for me to interact with ALL (now, im not exagerating!) the Greek people I came across in Greece!

Now, the cruise. What more to say than those 2 words? It was A-MA-ZING! And funnily, it was not a 5-star hot-shot cruise, but a very basic one, and that itself was also very fun, especially if you are on it with a bunch of 40 awesome college mates! There was a disco, 2-3 bars/restaurant, Internet (I was lucky to NOT have it, because it wasn't working!), a mini-casino (where I tested my knowledge on Roulette!), and best of all, an A-WE-SOME View! For more details, Google for Minoan Lines, and you will know all. Actually I went on this thing called a ferry, because it was a cruise that took cars and other vehicles. But I simply call it a cruise, because it had everything that a modest cruise needs!

And once we reached there, the fun had just begun. We lived in "Bungalows" at a place called 'Karda Beach', and it was superb! Once again, the people were super friendly and I loved it! And once in Corfu, some people went to the city, we all went to the beach once (yup, I finally found back my love for swimming over there!), some went for paragliding, etc. but we ALL HAD FUN! And that was the essential.

The cherry on the cake was October 2 2009, Gandhi Jayanti. Celebrated in my own way on the boat by fasting and renouncing to ANY sorts of Violence! And it was the best October 2 of my life.. never was so contemplative in my life... just couldn't stop thinking that day... and thinking, and thinking, and thinking... about LIFE in General... about Violence... about Friends and Family... practically all my human values were put to the test that day. And I'm sure Mr.Mohandas must be smiling up there from the heavens. Lolz!

But as all trips to "Heavenly places" must end, mine ended in a BRUTAL manner... went through so much stress that my return was actually Hell... but the essential is that I'm fine now, no more stress, and I'm as cooool as I always was... (even though some people think that I'm not cool... lol! I don't really care, I always was a huge auto-critic, so now I'm glad I can find SOME positives in me, hahaha, lol!)

And when one is not doing well, he should be thankful to cricket if that pushes up the mood! Especially with a tournament like the Champions League! How cool is that? I mean, I never thought Modi would pull out such a HUGE tournament after the IPL... but he just keeps surpassing himself, all the time! And that impresses me so much!

Will mention my favorite 4 teams so far in the BCFQC at the end... so keep hanging since we're nearly there!

Last to mention is movies...
hmm, so what if What's Your Rashee failed to many people's expectations... I dont really care, since I'm 10000% sure I will enjoy it! I hate critics who just bash movies without analyzing. I'm not saying Rajeev Masand was wrong, but on the contrary, he was right and harsh in criticizing the movie. I still say HATS OFF to Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyanka and Priyanka! Also a huge bravo to Harman Baweja, he is surely going to impress me, and I know my intuition! But the biggest bravo goes to the chief in question, Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker. All the best to him, I hope this movie rakes in SOME collections at least...

Now BLUE... the movie looks interesting... hoping I will enjoy it, can't be so sure about it, since the opinions are quite divided as usual.

And now, time for the BCFQC! *applause*... LOL!

Bolly videos of the week: Mann Ka Radio - Radio

Qurbaan - theatrical trailer

Main Tera Dhadkan Teri - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani

Barsoon Yaaron - London Dreams

Cric info for the week: Champions League = Two Words all club cricket lovers will understand... my 4 teams: Bangalore, Trinidad&Tobago, Cape Cobras, New South Wale Blues

Funny stuff for the week:

hmm, how may I make thee laugh this time... I know! check this out:

Quote of the Week: "Life can a roller-coaster ride, or a mug of beer, you choose... but whatever it is, just live it out! So if it is a marshmallow, eat it out... if it is a cricket match, make a double-hundred... and live it fully, with Passion and Consideration, because your Soul is Immortal!" - Santhosh Muraleedharan

Concluding note: Happy Diwali to all!

Sep 24, 2009

Stepping stone number one... I'm crossing the "Blogging" river! :D

Stepping stone number one... I'm crossing the "Blogging River"

Hello all! So I finally made it! :D I finally have a blog!

Now, this might be my longest post of this blog, since I will be explaining my blogging style... and this itself explains one of the characteristics of my style: I only write long paragraphs on things on which I have very long chains of thoughts... and that's quite rare, except if we are discussing controversies, debates, philosophical stuff (once a month MAX... dont worry, no boring routines on THIS blog ;) !), movies (my reviews can be long :P), cricket (my match analysises are quite complete :p), and etc. But usually, I'm more of a "short and sweet" guy, and you should know this if you follow me on Facebook/Twitter! Since my updates on Twitter are of 140 characters (BY RULE of :p), and Facebook doesnt allow much of a long status, or else people might not read :p Yet, I will still take this blog opportunity to go with the flow, so i won't keep a word-limit in mind... Just will be keeping a topic-limit :p, lol! And what I need from you is FEEDBACK! I'm not entirely familiar with blogging yet, but I think on Blogspot addresses, you can comment IF YOU HAVE A GMAIL ACCOUNT (or a Google Account in General...) Otherwise, what you can do, is comment by putting simply your email address everytime! It's not AS tiring as it may sound...

What I might be posting...?

Well, I might happen to post almost everything I know about on this blog! So the answer is easy and short: "This Blog is a very honest reflection of my thoughts.. and me..."

And here's something I will do almost every week, I will post the "BCFQC" for the week, which stands for:


well, here we go for this week's BCQFC!

Bolly videos of week:

want to watch WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE, but can't in Geneva anyways... :(

Cricket Info for week:

Younis Khan: 'I think we will beat India or Australia'

[very funny! xD the only thing you will beat during this CT is eggs apparently... or loser teams UNLIKE India :P]

Funny stuff of this week [xD]: [=can be news, a joke, a funny incident that happened to me :p , hilarious movie scene/dialog, etc.]

In his One hour and 36 minute ramble, Gadhafi :

  • Called for abolishing the Security Council in favor of the General Assembly, which would become a "world parliament."
  • Said the Security Council should be called the "terror council" and that nobody should accept the resolutions of the UNSC going forward.
  • Said the United Nations headquarters be moved outside the New York so that everyone doesn't have to deal with the U.S. security.
  • Suggested it is moved to China or India.
  • Called for former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega to be released and all the documents of his case re-examined.
  • Called the H1N1 "swine flu" virus a military tool and a weapon of proliferation.
  • Called U.S. President Barack Obama "my son," and congratulated him for his first U.N. General Assembly, but indirectly criticized him for giving a speech and walking out.
  • Said the Taliban should be able to form an Islamic emirate and not be designated an "enemy."
  • [Source: CNN]

    Dr. Lola Kutty with Shahid and Priyanka:

    Quote of the week: "To err is human, to forgive is divine"... so, if you think I erred by making this blog, pls tell me! :P

    Concluding note of this blog post: Well... what can I say, apart from "Enjoy your stay" on my blog, because it's gonna be fun! (...for me atleast :P)... Plus I'm going to Greece in 30 minutes, so when I come back next week, I would LOVE to see your comments on this first post atleast :D

    Best regards,
    Santhosh :D