Feb 11, 2010

New Year.. New beginning... New make-over for the blog

Hello all!

Well, I'm back!... after a stressful month of exams in December, and a hard month of studies in January....

First of all, I've got to explain all the new changes for this blog, since I've decided to:
1) change the link to my blog, which is now easier to access, since I made it shorter. All you need to do is type "santhosh-geneva.blogspot.com" and lo comes the page! LOL
2) change the color theme of the blog... Blue is in for this season! LOL ;)
and 3) discuss only ONE topic per blogpost... I noticed that people don't want to read my whole posts, because its too long!

So here are the topics I'm going to talk about in my following posts:
  • Quick movie review: "3 Idiots" - a great entertainer, and well-made flick!
  • "My Name is Khan" Controversy - why the Shiv Sena should be banned for ruining SRK's finest work ever...
  • India v South Africa Test series: Dhoni's first loss as Test captain, and how he should come back in the 2nd Match!
Well, that's all for this blogpost... Please do read my following ones, and tell me what you think about it!

Waiting for your comments,

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