Jul 26, 2011

My Singing - Tere Siva (July 2011)

Salutations to all! :)

Well, my first singing-blogpost didn't get noticed, as much as I expected it would. But ah well, I still got some positive feedback from friends and family, and I guess it's fine that way, too. (Here's reference to it, for those who missed it: http://bit.ly/qPHmpV )

So here's a song that I'm uploading, a version which I sang even before "Jiyein Kyun", but that I decided to post only now, since "Jiyein Kyun" was a personal favorite. This one is called "Tere Siva", it's from the movie Delhi Belly.

And interestingly, the male singer of the original track, is the same as the all-famous "DK Bose" track, Ram Sampath. The song is composed by him, and he is accompanied by female vocalist Tarannum Malik (I didn't remove her part, while editing the track, so that the song doesn't sound empty without a female voice).

The lyrics are very subtly romantic and sweet, a HUGE contrast with the other songs of the album of Delhi Belly.

And finally here's reminding you, that this is purely an amateur's attempt, so do not expect highly-ranked vocals from me. But nevertheless, an honest attempt.

Hope you'll enjoy it, and pleeeease do write in your comments,



 Tere Siva - Delhi Belly (2011)

   Tere Siva by Santhosh by SanthM

Jul 9, 2011

Singing - Amateur's Attempt (July 2011)

Hello Readers! ^_^

Well, here's something I never thought I would be doing one day, but I'm finally doing it. And that is, showcasing my singing on my blog.

Yes, I have taken singing classes for two years from 2006 to 2008. And yes, I love making karaoke instrumentals out of original Hindi songs, to then record my own voice over it, using basic knowledge on sound editing.

Add that, to my love for Hindi songs, and you've got a part-time hobby, and a good creative usage of my computer time.

And here's a good platform to do so, my blog. Because I would love to collect some feedback on my singing. Good or bad, it doesn't matter, because it will either motivate me or help me to improve.

One more thing to add: I am not a good singer. Amateur, is more like it. So do not expect anything "outstanding" as such, but instead, an ordinary and honest, an attempt, at this art.

If I get good feedback on this blogpost itself, then I shall continue to post a song of mine every now and then, since it's mainly to get some constructive comments which will help me to improve.

To start out with this venture of mine, I'm posting one of my MOST FAVORITE tracks in recent times, and most probably my favorite Hindi song of 2011. It's called "Jiyein Kyun" from the movie Dum Maaro Dum. Originally sung by Papon, a super-brilliant and heavy voice of this singer, which goes great with the song's theme, and composed by Pritam, whose soft songs can be sometimes much better than his fast-beat tracks.

And finally. Many people will be wondering "Dedicating this song to anybody in particular?". Well, I dedicate this one to Happiness. A friend that's always there in me, who may not be around at all times, but a friend whose value I know and admire the most.

Enjoy the song, and hope you'll like it. And yes, do post in your feedback!


Jiyein Kyun - Dum Maaro Dum (2011)

   Jiyein Kyun by Santhosh by SanthM

Jul 4, 2011

Lifeblog: June - Exams, Celebrations, Change and Happiness Resurfacing

June was a difficult month. Probably one of the most difficult ones of my life. But then, as the saying goes: "Only after the sun sets, does it rise again" And I guess I should just wait and watch, how things evolve here onwards. So here's a review of the month that has been for me.


Had my year end exams, few weeks back. Crucial ones, and they didn't go well. And I guess I'll stop this topic here itself, since there's nothing more to add.


Amidst all the tension and nervousness caused by my exams, there was a reason for celebrations: my Dad's 50th Birthday. A role model, an idol, and more than just a father.. a real friend who is there at all times, and a teacher who taught me Life's biggest values. And I couldn't even be in a mood to celebrate the biggest milestone of his life. But I'm glad he had a smile on his face the entire day. That apart, it felt good to have my sister back in Geneva, and with her around, we could plan a good surprise party for Dad.

But still. When you're surrounded by a big happy crowd, and that you're alone drowning in some sort of deep sadness, it feels weird... really weird.


Well, so maybe Mathematics wasn't the right choice for me, for undergraduate studies. I mean, by the time I realized I wasn't liking the matter, it was too late to change.. so I thought: "Why not trying to stick to Maths for the coming years? I might not like it, but I could still do a Master's in a slightly different subject"

But no. That is a silly thought. One should NEVER try to build an academic life based on something he/she doesn't like. Because it's one of the toughest things to do. I'm not saying it's impossible, since there are people who can shine in fields they never thought they would land in. But it's not easy.

And well, failing a year, may not be the end of the world. But it sometimes feels like it. The whole guilt, the whole questioning-yourself-on-where-you-went-wrong aspect, and just accepting that you were wrong: it feels awful.

And thus, I decided to change the course of my life entirely. I'm planning to go for a Bachelor's in International Relations, this September onwards. A better course, more interesting, and a more secure future. I guess now only I realize, why there are only a handful of students in the Maths faculty of University of Geneva.

Happiness Resurfacing

Well, after that down period of my life, things are back to normal now. On summer holidays, and taking it easy. My uncle and aunt from Dubai have come to Geneva, and it feels good to re-visit the most beautiful parts of Switzerland with them. And now that I'm not re-doing my year in Maths, I will have a proper summer holiday, so I'm making the most out of it. Watching Hindi and English movies, following Indian cricket, and moreover, staying happy.

To conclude this blogpost, here's a quote:

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson