Oct 15, 2010

10/10 : Cricket, CWG, Endhiran, Bollywood, University, and HAPPINESS

Salutations readers! :)

Hoping that all's well for everybody. Really feels good to be back on the keyboard for whipping up yet another blogpost! :D

Sorry for having not written a "general round-up", like I usually do, in my last two blogposts. Since Champions League happened, and since Anjaana Anjaani's music happened, I really felt it was worth writing special blogpost dedicated to them only.

And WOW, am I glad with the response to my two blogposts, or what! Especially the combined music review one. Was appreciated by almost everyone who read it, and also by the very same Shekhar Ravijiani, who is indeed the composer of Anjaana Anjaani's music! Thanks a ton to Shekhar sir, and all of you who liked my blogpost. Cheers! 

Now, here's the contents list of this blogpost:
  • Cricket: India-Australia test series 2010
  • Commonwealth Games 2010: Delhi
  • 'Endhiran - The Robot' : a great step forward in Indian Cinema!
  • Bollywood: forthcoming and current releases to watch out for, and latest chartbuster tracks
  • Lifeblog: University Life - great, hectic and a whole new experience!
So here we go! :)

Cricket: India-Australia test series 2010

India whitewashes Australia in the two matches Test series. 2-0. Period. This says it all.

You wanted experience from the Indian batting line-up? Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman were there for you. You wanted amazing bowling that destroyed the overrated Aussie line-up? Zaheer, Ishant, Harbhajan and co were all there to contribute in its-and-bits. You wanted youngsters who would shine among these big names? Say hello to Murali Vijay and Chetashwar Pujara, then.

In short, this was probably the most thrilling Test series I've ever seen in my life. Everything fell in place JUST at the right time for the Indian team. My favorite moment of the series? Sachin (who usually is a cool candidate even in such contexts) raising his bat and celebrating like he were the same youngster of 20 years ago. SUPERB SIGHT, that was! :D

CWG 2010: Delhi

To be honest, I wasn't able to watch a single game of the games. Nor was I able to watch the opening or closing ceremony of them. But I was able to keep up with the medals tally all throughout. And WOW. India number TWO with 101 MEDALS!!! Jai ho!

Plus, I saw highlights of Saina Nehwal's final, which got us our last gold medal. Her victory was just so sweet! Proud of her, proud of India.

But the only dark spot of this whole event was obviously Suresh Kalmadi. Though, the crowd booing him was also a good sight. Glad to hear about an audience who doesn't just diplomatically clap the one with the mike. Respect.


'Endhiran - The Robot' - a Landmark in Indian cinema

Take Superstar Rajinikanth. Take director Shankar. Take Aishwarya Rai. And add a billion Indian rupees budget to the movie they make. Visual effects that take your breath away, scenery that takes you out from your seat in the cinema theater. And a robot that can practically do anything that ten superheros combined in one can do.

The movie was just brilliant! I had the luck of seeing it at the local Geneva theater... and I'm returning to it on Sunday to watch it again! Lol :)

If you're up for an artistic treat, don't miss it! You won't be disappointed.

(Note: the Hindi soundtrack of the album may be horrible, due to its silly lyrics. But the Tamil one is really amazing. Especially 'Puthiya Manidha' by SP Balasubramanium. Thanks to 'thiru' for pointing out this criticism in my previous blogpost. Point conceded.)
Bollywood - Movies, music and tons of entertainment on the way for the end of 2010!

The list of blockbusters to end this year is too long for me to give. But here are the flicks I'm most looking forward to are the following:

Break Ke Baad - starring Imran and Deepika, music by Vishal&Shekhar

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey - directed by Ashutosh 'Lagaan' Gowariker, a period thriller film featuring Abhishek Bachchan, and my favorite, Deepika Padukone (":D" for the last names mentioned)

Aakrosh - directed by Priyadarshan, an issue-based film with Akshaye Khanna and Ajay Devgan (it released just today)

and finally,

Guzaarish - directed by Sanjay 'Devdas' Leela Bhansali, starring the great duo Aishwarya-Hrithik.

The music of "Break Ke Baad" is worth writing a review on. Thus I will soon do so, though I won't give my opinion in this blogpost. Just keeping you guessing, lol.

Bollywood looks very promising in the coming months!


Well, it's been a year ALREADY since I've created this blog! Really really happy that it has been successful, and good platform for me to express my views on my various fields of interest. Even the title of this blog says "10/10". No, it does not stand for "ten marks on ten", but it is October 2010. A month that has been hectic to start with, but which, at halfway stage, seems to be very promising!

University Life was never going to be a piece of cake. I knew that. But I didn't expect it to be THIS hectic. The workload is constantly heavy, and one has no choice but to cope with it! So with determination, motivation (and some coffee as well, lol), by my side, I set myself a target. And that trick worked!

I guess, the only way to get rid of stress, is by being organized. Stress is only because your mind is not organized. So according to scientists, apparently, if you clean a messy room during stressful times, it eases things off! Weird, but true fact! (I've tried it.. lol)

So all I did was organize myself, and lo! The stress is already reduced majorly! :)

Not an easy ride, the one in store for me. But why fear the turbulent journey, when the destination is so beautiful? Every moment of hardwork is worth it, I guess. And that's the only thought that keeps me ticking throughout.

Anyway, I guess I've said enough for a blogpost. Lol.

Thanks for reading it, PLEASE do write in your frank comments.

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