Sep 13, 2010

09/10 - Combined Hindi Music Review: Anjaana Anjaani & Robot

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Hope all are doing well. It's been exactly 1 and half months I've not written on this blog and I must admit it does feel weird to pen down my opinion, after such a long time gap.

Anyway, I will be soon writing a blogpost on August and September, two AMAZING months of my life. 2010 is just getting better and better for me! :) I hope all are having a great 2010 as well... Cheers to all! :D

But well, this blogpost will mainly consist of reviewing two Hindi movie soundtracks. Both are from forthcoming Bollywood blockbusters. One is the movie ANJAANA ANJAANI. And the other, ROBOT. (Also known as ENDHIRAN - THE ROBOT)

The reason why I'm combining both reviews into one blogpost, is because the two soundtracks are very VERY different. Two opposites, in fact. According to me, one of them has failed BIG TIME, and the other, has really emerged as probably the best soundtrack of the year! Now which of the two is the better album, is what you will find out at the end of this blogpost.


A.R. Rahman. One name that really went to global fame, after his overhyped 'Jai Ho' composition, in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. But according to me, 'Jai Ho' shouldn't be the yardstick to measure Rahman's amazing talent. Because he has composed WAY better music than that!

If you tend to judge a book by its cover, then 'Robot' seems to be a great movie. Directed by Shankar. Music by A.R. Rahman. But unfortunately, the music of the movie really disappoints! It comes as a shocker, when you expect SUCH good things from a composer like Rahman.

The album starts with Naina Miley, probably among the only attractions in it. Because it has a catchy beat, and great vocals by the maestro himself. That apart, after a certain time, one would tend to start getting bored with the song, because the initial thrill of the song would gradually die, after hearing it a dozen times.

Then, it is followed by Pagal Anukan, which is according to me, the ONLY gem of the album. Great composition, great vocals by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal, and a great melodious and (yet again!) catchy song. The only downside? The silly lyrics. Now, that REALLY spoils the show.

Chitti Dance Showcase is a good 3-minute instrumental. But that's all to it. No lyrics, just some melodious vocals. So one can't really find pleasure in hearing the song, as much as one would tend to, watching the visuals of it, in the movie.

Now comes the silliest song of the album. Arima Arima. Lyrics fail YET AGAIN. You can't help but smile mockingly at the silliness of the wordings. By the way, I'm still trying to figure out what "Arima" and "Yentra" mean in Hindi. That apart, vocals are good, by Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam. But the music itself is too repetitive. Lack of melody in this one!

Which is followed by the second-funniest song of the album. The name of the song speaks for itself. Kilimanjaro. Okay, so I may sound like a repetitive parrot, but what is wrong with the lyricist, the well-known Swanand Kirkire? Maybe the transliteration from Tamil to Hindi didn't work out. Or maybe it's just the song. The beat is not bad though, and vocals are good here too. But the instrumentals are just pure noise. Sorry Rahman sir, but I am just too disappointed with this album so far.

Then comes Boom Boom Robo Da. They repeat the word 'Robo' so many times, that it gets to your nerves after a point. The instrumentals though, are extremely good, and impressive. Good blend of Western and Indian melodies. Even vocals are good. But Swanand Kirkire should really revise his methods here. Because the wordings are really spoiling the somewhat-good music.

And finally (YES, FINALLY!), comes O Naye Insaan. The sad ending to the sad album. Haunting tune, weird electronically modified vocals, and a boring song overall. The only interest one can have in listening to this song, is the curiosity to hear Rahman's daughter's voice. Yes, Khatija Rahman is the female singer of the song, and she has a nice voice! But even her soothing voice couldn't save this song.

In short, Robot doesn't impress. Period. And I myself, being probably among Rahman's biggest fans, feel sad to declare this. But hey, next time, I'm sure he won't make the mistake to appoint Mr. Kirkire as the lyricist of his songs. Or atleast, I hope so!

My Rating for ROBOT's soundtrack: * 1/2 (One and half stars, out of five)


Who would have thought that the duo of Vishal & Shekhar could overshadow the maestro Rahman? Not me, atleast! Whether it is OM SHANTI OM or BLUFFMASTER, BACHNA AE HASEENO or I HATE LUV STORYS... these two have certainly made their mark in Bollywood... and how!

Anjaana Anjaani is according to me, THE best Hindi soundtrack of the year... so far! Let's see if anybody can outdo this album... though I doubt it!

Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani is the perfect start to the album. Catchy beats, awesome vocals by youngsters Nikhil D'Souza and Monali Thakur, and excellent tune. All the perfect factors for a good dance number. My favorite part of the song? "All the Anjaana say yeah yeah yeah!! all the Anjaanis say yeah yeah yeah!!" May sound silly, but that is one tune that one can easily get hooked to!

Needed a song which has great guitar portions? Then Hairat is perfectly made for you! A great pace, AMAZING vocals by Lucky Ali, and an awesome tune. Perfect recipe for a superb song, to add in this amazing album. (Wow, that's lot of superlatives for one song, I guess!)

Then comes my favorite song in the album. Aas Paas Khuda. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan seems to be having a great time in Bollywood, because every song he sings, turns out to be a gem! This one has an interesting combination; excellent melody, and amazing guitar portions in the background, which gives sort of a rock-feel to the song. Though what made this my favorite song, is definitely the vocals! Especially the "Mitt Jaate Hai, Sabke Nishaan" part! Hats off to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan!

Tumse Hi Tumse is just too melodious. And that's why it's addictive! Comes the fourth song, which displays composer Shekhar Ravijiani as this outstanding vocalist as well! The song certainly brings a smile to the face, thanks to its lovely lyrics! Kudos to Shekhar again!

Now, after a string of four "happy" songs, comes the tragic one called Tujhe Bhoola Diya. Mohit Chauhan does great in such tones, and he is accompanied by a wonderful Shruti Pathak, and also Shekhar, once again! The melody is yet again addictive, especially the folkish parts.

After a sad song, comes a song called I Feel Good. And the name of the song says it all. If you are down, and you feel like you need a moral booster, go for this one! Full-on track, with yet again, great vocals! Composer Vishal Dadlani himself comes behind the mike for this one, with superb Shilpa Rao (of Khuda Jaane fame), and delivers a power-packed track!

And last, but NOT the least, Anjaana Anjaani, the "originally planned" title track, brings out the best vocals in the same duo of the previous song, Vishal & Rao. A nice track, not outstanding, but has its own charm. Great instrumentals makes this one memorable.

Well, I believe that I have made my point. In short, go for this album. You won't be disappointed! If I weren't living in Geneva, I would have certainly bought the album! Well, that's certainly an advantage for Indian residents. But that won't stop me from enjoying ANJAANA ANJAANI's music! 

My Rating for ANJAANA ANJAANI's soundtrack: **** (Four stars, out of five)

Hope you enjoyed my 2-in-1 music review, and please please please, POST A COMMENT! Very much appreciated, thanks in advance! :-)

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