Sep 14, 2010

Why Chennai Super Kings are going to emerge as Champions, this year. 


Hello readers! How you all doing?

Well well well, it's already September 2010... and cricket fans, you know what that means! Champions League T20 is here again!
And this year, the champions of the IPL, CHENNAI SUPER KINGS, have qualified for it! My full support goes to them this year, even though it has been subject to criticism. Criticism, because there are people out there who believe that IPL teams don't have the potential to defeat other world-class teams.

I'm sure you that you all will agree with my Disagreement to those people. And well, I don't know about the other two teams, but CSK definitely has the upper-hand on ALL the participants of the CLT20!
And that's what makes me want to support them. Few factors which make me stick to that opinion:

- Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Captain cool. Mr. Safe Hands. Batsman who has the best temperament. What more should I say? He led his team to victory in the first T20 World Cup, and now he led his IPL team to be champions in 2010. An encore in this CLT20? I'm putting my bets on it.

- Domestic players like Balaji, Ashwin, Raina and Murali Vijay. The first two being economic bowlers, but wicket-taking as well. Vijay being the star batsman of his team in this year's IPL, and Raina being a great vice-captain for his team. And don't forget Badrinath and Srikanth, two amazing batsmen as well!

- International hotshots, in Muralitharan, Hayden, Hussey, Bollinger, Morkel and Kemp. What more do you want in this PERFECT Squad?

- A great fielding side. A red-hot bowling side. A shot-hitting batting side. An awesome coach. Great management. Anything left?

-And most importantly, a great spirit. A good blend of aggressive players and calm batsmen, youth and experience, Indian and International members.

- And finally, fans like us. All around the world, people are cheering for CSK. And they definitely deserve it!

All this makes me want to *Whistle Podu* for Chennai Super Kings even more! Come on Dhoni and co.! Bring that cup to India now!!!

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