Dec 25, 2011

Few thoughts here and there...


(NOTE: This blogpost has been written during a span of 1-2 weeks.)

Hello readers! :) So we are slowly approaching the end of 2011. Yet another year that passes by so quickly.

Time flies, and I realize I keep repeating it, in my various blogposts :roll:

So here are a few random thoughts, dedicated in the name of December 2011. A month, that marks the end of the year 2011, but still is an important part of the year nevertheless.

Enjoy the read, friends! :)

"All that glitters is not gold."

Right now, I am writing this paragraph of the blogpost, in an auditorium, during a certain class of my University course. (Which for obvious reasons, I am not going to name :-P )

No, it's not because I am lazy. It's not because I'm a bad student. Nor is it because I'm trying to rebel or something, against this sir. Mainly, it's because of two reasons. Firstly it's because this is something I did two years back, in my High School, and which is relatively easy and familiar to me already. And secondly, the sir is boring. Really boring.

And I realize that EVEN IF this subject is already familiar to me, it is the professor's job to make sure that his students are not bored! And I am not just complaining, because I have something personal against this person, or the sort. He speaks well, his Powerpoint slides are very clear, and everything seems simple.

But that's where my point comes through: it isn't what the appearance looks like, that matters. It's the content. Because even if it is clear, even if it seems simple, the truth is that it is NOT. Telling simple sentences doesn't work for this subject. You need diagrams, you need depth, you need examples, you need to be LIVELY. You need to detail things. The exam is much tougher than these pointless examples which are given to us. Concrete is the key word.

Sitting in such a class, and judging it by the first minutes, would make you believe that the teacher is saying very wise things. But then, deep in the following two hours, you realize that it is becoming very boring and monotonous.

Simplifying things, and going through the matter very quickly, doesn't make the matter more simple. And a fellow colleague of mine told me he didn't understand a thing of the last classes. Well that's obvious, trying to simplify the thing, you take for granted that it is understood, when it's not! :-x

Anyway, rather than complaining about this particular class, let me come to my more general message: what you see, isn't what you get. What you observe, may not always be as amazing as it looks. So yes, beware of what you see. Your eyes are just a medium to the brain.. thereafter it is your mind and your brain which is going to analyze what you see. So think carefully, and before jumping to conclusions, be sure of what you think about certain issues. You may need to look closer towards it, once again ;)

Double-mindedness - One of the easiest and most direct ways to harm yourself, and your mind

Okay, so let's hypothetically  pretend you are in a situation. You have two ways out of it. Both have their pros, both have their equally weighing cons. You finally opt for the first solution. But then, you realize that you did something that's not entirely right. You keep thinking about it, every now and then. "Oh no, I shouldn't have done this. But then, it was the only way out..."

STOP. This isn't healthy. Not good for the mental health, anyway. You made your decision, and you should stick to it, no matter what. That's where COMMITMENT comes in play. Be true to yourself. And moreover, be fair towards yourself. Pressurizing your own self is never right. And realize that nothing is absolute perfection in this world. And as I mentioned in the first part of this blogpost, take your time out to think out a solution that seems convenient and practical. It's not easy.. it rarely is, infact. But then, you make the choices. And those choices are what make you, in return. So be wise, and try choosing the alternative which brings out the least amount of cons... and more importantly, don't regret it. Be sure of what you want.

Music therapy - a good way to come out of mood swings

Winter... not a season I totally adore. On the contrary, I hate it. It's cold, and the ground is slippery and icy. And the sudden change from an extreme cold to an extreme heat, gives me horrible headaches at times. Anyway, coming to the point - it affects my mood. The gloomy chilly weather really kills the joy I usually bumble around with around the house. Earlier on, I used to eat to make myself feel better. Be it fried foods, sweets, and more particularly - CHOCOLATE. The latter totally works, it can up your mood anytime of the day! But downside of it? Oh yes, you got it - it's unhealthy. It can rot your teeth, increase your sugar levels, and moreover you gain weight!

So once I realized that, I decided to put a stop to that habit, by doing two things: First, drink water instead of gorging on sweets. And second, listen to music to boost my mood! :)

In sad times, I listen to sad songs. In angry moments, I listen to loud and fierce stuff. And sometimes, just putting on some soft music, can be soothing for your mind.

For me, it so totally works. Try it out, and do let me know what's the outcome! :)

 "The best way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend" -Abraham Lincoln

Ok, so imagine the following situation, hypothetically speaking: You had a fight with a person who was once very close to you. Ever since, you hold a lot of hatred in your mind, and you bear a lot of anger in your mind, whenever you merely think of that person. Time has gone by, and you still haven't gotten over the fight. Then you finally come across that person, and meet him/her. And you were expecting the cold vibes to remain. But, that person looks towards you, and you hear him/her say "Hi!". Then *poof*, all your anger, hatred, in short everything negative which was weighing in your mind against that one person just vanishes. And you reply with a friendly "Hi" of your own. And ever since, everything's back to normal between you and that person.

THAT is what i mean by the quote I mentioned above as the title of this paragraph. You really want to destroy your foe? Well, then make him/her your friend. That's a challenge for you. Because there's nothing harder than doing that, but there's nothing easier either. That may sound like a paradoxical statement, but it does make sense to me. Because if you look at it in one way, it may seem harder to let go of all those bad times with that person, but in an another angle, to just forget everything is way easier than holding onto things! Just let go! :)

So is there a friend/relative/buddy/pal/brother/sister/cousin/(ANYBODY!) you feel you can patch up with? Then go ahead, and just give them a smile! :) It should be enough to melt that ego away - from within you, and from within the other person!

But let's say in a worst-case scenario, the person isn't "melting" away that ego within him/her. Then, I say you're better off without him/her. But those are extremely rare people, so let's hope it's not the case for you :)

In short, if you can, it's better to forgive and forget, because "An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind", as said by Gandhi himself. 8-)

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost, friends :D It was a pleasure writing it.. as always! And please do give in your opinions to the topics I mentioned, or even just general feedback will do, please do feel free to write in a line or two.

And since I started writing this blogpost a week back or so, and that am completing it now only on 25th December,

Here's wishing you ALL a very merry Christmas!! God bless :)

Yours sincerely,

Santhosh :-)

Nov 6, 2011

Movie Review and Interpretation: "Rocket Singh" - A flick we can all learn from

Well, I don't want people to get the wrong idea with this blogpost. It has nothing to do with my previous one, which was an open letter to Ranbir. The previous one was only a blogpost that was meant to praise Ranbir Kapoor for his short-but-impressive career in Bollywood.

This blogpost's main topic is ROCKET SINGH - SALESMAN OF THE YEAR.

It will be divided in two parts - a short and general review of the film, and then comes the detailed analysis and interpretation. The former will be for those who are to lazy and don't have time, to read this long blogpost, and the latter, will be for those who really want to see how deep I went in my thoughts, with the movie on my mind.

Short Review

Rocket Singh is mainly the story of a young man called Harpreet Singh, who has just finished college with low marks, and wants to become a salesman. Honest, hard working and straightforward, as he is depicted to be, isn't enough to become a good employee. Sometimes you have to take a different turn in life, but this movie shows that even while taking that different turn, you can continue to be honest and straightforward, and STILL succeed in life. And in the case of Harpreet Singh - you can succeed, BIG TIME.

Ranbir Kapoor has excelled in this role, as the lovable and endearing Sikh, Harpreet Singh. Infact the movie doesn't only belong to him, but equally to all the others who played his partners and nemesis. Especially Manish Chowdary who played the role of the antagonist Mr Puri.

And technically speaking, the movie is almost flawless. Art direction, casting, cinematography, background score, the crisp screenplay and my favorite - DIALOGS. Brilliant film-making, one witnesses through this movie. Shimit Amin was once famous for Chak De India, and now he dons the director's cap one more time for Rocket Singh. Hats off to you and Jaideep Sahni, the writer of the movie!

Only probable flaw in the movie is its running time, and its lack of pace at certain times. 2 hours 34 minutes could have easily been 2 hours only, had it been for good editing.

And there are many messages hidden in the movie, which, if you think about it, can help you succeed in life. Very powerful messages, infact. But that shall be discussed in the second part of my blogspot.

To conclude this short review, here's my rating:

**** (4 stars out of 5)

Detailed analysis and interpretation

To start with, here's an enumeration of few scenes which really come across as very well-written scenes, personally speaking.


Super moments in the movie:

- Harpreet Singh Bedi's interview at AYS - trying his level best to impress his boss Nitin, who is cold... and literally puts him to the test, by asking him to pretend he is selling a broken pencil.

(Note: Spiderman poster is focused on at a certain point. We'll come back to it later)

The desperate way Harpreet tries to sell the "detachable pencil and rubber", is note-worthy.

- At the one-hour mark, the most interesting part of the movie appears. The "Birth" of the Rocket Sales Corporation.

Harpreet gets ridiculed by his colleagues, and paper planes are thrown at him, by them. While calling his first customer, he grabs hold of one of the flying projectiles. And says "Rocket. Rocket Sales Corporation." Amazing stuff!

And then, the way he literally earns the trust of Lalwani, the computer-parts-seller, is really inspiring. Harpreet is even ready to lend his scooter as a guarantee, to compensate for the parts. But Lalwani realizes that he is trustworthy, and also says that he has never seen a Sardar conning anybody.

Then, after having got the parts, Harpreet approaches Giri, the computer technician, and makes him his partner, for the assembling of the parts. (Giri is shown as this perverted adult-websites-surfer)

- "Zero"-value : Yet again, Harpreet gets ridiculed by his boss Puri, in front of a client (whom Harpreet had complained against, for bribery), and is called a "zero" many times.

Ironically, Harpreet wanted to confess for his misdeed, and reveal about his ghost-company Rocket Sales Corporation to Puri. But then Puri ridicules him and even says "It's thanks to this zero that I am sitting on my most profitable quarter of my career" and forces Harpreet to apologize to the client, for having complained against him.

- The Rocket is thrown by Harpreet this time : Right after the above-mentioned scene, Singh discusses with his friends, and is very angry. And he is determined that, despite the way he is treated at his office, he will teach Puri a lesson. And there comes my favorite dialog: "Even Spiderman has to take risks - but atleast i'm only a salesman" and he throws away the rocket away from his building's terrace, and appears the word INTERMISSION. Powerful scene!

- Koena joins in: Seeing the way Koena is treated (people considering her as a beauty-without-brains type of person), Harpreet makes her join the team, despite Giri's frustration over his decision.

A moment I adored - Harpreet warns Giri, that "if Giri stares at Koena the way he stares at his websites, he will kill him". This shows the values that Harpreet has in him, despite the way people treat him.

- Chotelal the peon, and Nitin, joins in Rocket Sales:

Harpreet never ill-treated Chotelal Mishra despite his "lower status", and just because he called him "Mishra ji", Chotelal felt emotional and hugged him. Goes to show how Harpreet doesn't believe in inferiority or superiority - all are equal. A lesson we should all learn.

And Nitin joins in, and changes his ways, from bribery to honesty, since those are the ghost-company's rules, laid by Harpreet.

- Harpreet's clash with Puri.. on the phone: This probably falls under the category of one of the best scenes of the movie.

Puri learns about a company called Rocket Sales Corporation, and also knows that most of his sales are going to this company, thus creating a loss for him. So he decides that he wants to speak to the MD of Rocket Sales.

And thus, Harpreet calls Puri (as the anonymous MD of Rocket Sales Corp), and gives him the conversation of his life. He mocks Puri, and even asks him if he is a Phone card seller. But during this entire scene, Harpreet still keeps himself very grounded.

Patterns and themes shown in the movie:

Spiderman and his "risks": they even focus on a Spiderman poster during the movie. "Even Spiderman has to take risks - but atleast i'm only a salesman" is a very famous line from the movie, and people usually link it to Harpreet Singh. But surprisingly, it's not Harpreet Singh who told this line first, it's Nitin. And this line is very comical, yet very true, since one has to take risks in life at a certain point.

Paper plane or "Rocket": the whole idea behind the movie title, and the company's name. What becomes the thing that is thrown the most at Harpreet by his colleagues in AYS, becomes the name of his company. And the pre-interval scene, where he throws the rocket for a change, is inspiring. This is a very nice message: Take your weakness into you, and turn it into your strength.

Things to learn from Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year:

  • It doesn't take a genius to become successful in life. Work hard, be honest, be dedicated, and be ready to take risks, and then you can reap in the benefits.
  • Treat all as your equal. Whether they work under you, or are in a higher position, at the end of it all, they all are human beings, and deserve equal amount of respect.
  • Be dedicated to your work. Money is only the end result you get, but to reach there you should provide good work without thinking of the money. As ironic as it sounds, the less you think of money, the more you will get of it.
  • Always have a plan B. Life is unpredictable, it will always take wild turns without your consent, so always think in terms of alternatives. And be strategic in your approach, always think of an alternative situation where you should be ready to put aside your needs, for the sake of others who will help you, and push you closer to your goal.
  • Be clear in your mind. Know what you want exactly. No point in just doing everything for the goal (whether it's money for workers or good marks for students), instead, try putting your mind on the process, rather than the goal. Plan your objectives very carefully, weighing all the pros and cons, the entire motivation and the entire drawbacks.
So yes, I loved this movie, I loved the entire story and every small element that completes it, and I loved Ranbir's acting (again). Shimit Amin, give us more of such movies!!

Thanking you in advance,

Nov 4, 2011

Open Letter to Ranbir Kapoor

Dear Ranbir Kapoor,

You recently said in an interview "They either want to be a big star, or a good actor. The problem with me is, that I want to be both."

Well, I hate you. Because you just uttered those words some time back, and you ACHIEVED IT. I am jealous of you. Because this world is such, that everybody says "Work hard, you'll get the result you deserve for it". But very honestly, there are people who work very hard, and can't reach anywhere in life. You on the other hand have set an example on the youth of India.

I never believed I would say this, but Shahrukh Khan should learn from you. Four years back, SRK made a movie called Chak De India. Today he has made Ra.One. And trust me, he has lost his mind, while you have won our minds. You played in Saawariya 4 years back, and sorry if I sound brutal, but I never NEVER thought you would do a movie with Imtiaz Ali. I never thought you would do a movie with Prakash Jha. I never thought you would make it big with Shimit Amin. Who ironically is the director of Chak De India. Rocket Singh deserved to be a superhit, but failed at the box office. Ra.One deserved to be a flop, but became a record-grosser.

I've lost faith in the Indian crowd. But I want YOU to make me start trusting it again. Please promise your fans that you won't repeat your mistakes, such as Anjaana Anjaani, APKGK and Saawariya. And please promise us more films like Raajneeti and Wake Up Sid.

I know, I will get criticism for this letter. I know, people will say, "this guy is just a newbie.. how can you compare him to SRK?" I even will get hate comments. But I trust you, Ranbir. You have given me enough of movies to say so.

Now, should I even say anything about Rockstar? Because the promos speak so well for the movie. No, I've not seen it yet, and I don't know if I will. Because in Geneva, Hindi movies don't release. So yes, will wait for the DVD release, or else for it to be broadcasted on a Hindi channel. But I hate my fate - why can't a person like me deserve to watch Rockstar in the cinema?

I want to see you laugh, cry, and ROCK OUT LOUD, in a cinema hall. I want to hear AR Rahman's magical music with woofers that let me sink into the music. I want to see the classy technicalities of an Imtiaz Ali film, be it the cinematography, or art direction.

So yes, I hate you... like I love you. And I am not gay. But more of a person who gets inspired by what you do on the big screen.

Ranbir, I talked about the past (your excellent career so far), your present (Rockstar), and now your future. Please don't be another Shahrukh. Please do roles that suit you, and that you know will inspire viewers and fans.

Continue to rock like this, and trust me, you will soon enter the league of Superstars in Bollywood. I can't give you that title, when you have only done 10 films so far. But if your 11th and 12th also turn out to be quality movies, then you will surely become a legend.

In the words of Rocket Singh: "Even Spiderman has to take risks." At least you're an actor. And a star.

Yours sincerely,

Santhosh Muraleedharan

Oct 30, 2011

Singing: Saadda Haq (October 2011)


Here we go!! Here's my latest recording for the month of October 2011. Saadda Haq by Mohit Chauhan originally in the movie Rockstar. Composed by my all-time favorite A.R. Rahman. Here's dedicating this one to you, Rahman sir! Thank you for composing such a brilliant album! Cheers! :)

Oct 25, 2011

Whitewash - what it means, for Indian cricket fans. 5-0 against England.

We got thrashed in England. We lost a Test series 5-0. We lost an ODI series that was almost ours. We lost the T20 match too. We were even ridiculed by English commentators, accused of Vaseline-usage, and called donkeys by Nasseer Hussain.

They had the psychological advantage. We lost out on our best players - Sachin, Sehwag, Zaheer, Yuvraj. We had a whole new bunch of youngsters coming in to replace them.

Then comes their turn to come to our own backyard, expecting a good contest. Five matches they had, and here's what happened:

Thrashed at Hyderabad by 126 runs. Chased down beautifully at Delhi by 8 wickets. Took the series at Mohali, by 5 wickets. Chased a total with 10 overs to spare in Mumbai. And then saved a thrilling victory for the end of the series, to win the 5th one at Kolkata by 95 runs!!

What was shocking, was that not even a single match was a close one... all were one-sided, and won comfortably in the end by India. And one can't even say "Ah, this is a case of home advantage". Because the poor fielding, the horrible body language by England, cannot be justified by that.

Now let's come to India and their plus-points in this series. First and foremost, MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI. He is back in form in ODIs, and how. Dhoni has scored 340 runs in 285 balls and 450 minutes, hitting 28 fours and 14 sixes, in 6 ODIs, without being dismissed. Secondly, the batsmen.
Kohli, Gambhir, Rahane and Raina scored when it was needed, and eventually won during crucial moments in the matches.
And after Dhoni's series-winning leadership, comes my second favorite bit about this Indian squad: the young dynamic and EFFECTIVE bowling-up. The opening pair in the form of Vinay Kumar and Praveen Kumar, always started off things in a smooth and economical way. Then the two youngsters, Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron proved themselves. Then the spin department, with Jadeja and Ashwin. And finally, part-timers in the form of Raina and a brilliant Virat Kohli.
Fielding improved drastically, and I think a lot of credit should go to our new fielding coach Trevor Penny.

Couldn't ask for a better Diwali gift than this. Thank you, Team India.

Happy Diwali to all! :)


Welcome Back, World Champions.

P.S. Win the T20 also please! Cherry on the cake, it will be :)

Sep 16, 2011

New wave of talent in the Hindi Music industry - Sept 2011

Hello, faithful readers of this humble blog! :)

These last few months, I've been listening to lots of good Hindi music, that has just released during this period. And very VERY good music has indeed been produced in recent times!! And interestingly, the names I see for the credits of these songs, are no longer names like "Udit Narayan" or "Sonu Nigam", but rather the likes of Sohail Sen and Ash King.

And what I hate about people these days, is when they hear these songs, and enjoy them whole-heartedly, without even knowing who is singing the song, or even who composed it! The reasoning might be right from some angles, like for example, when these people say "Ah! Who cares! The song is nice, and that's all I care about!" But looking at this from another angle, you can say that there are benefits for knowing who is atleast composing the song, since you would then be eager to listen to the next compositions by the same person, in the future!

That is exactly what I believe in. And maybe that is why, I believe, I have been gifted with a above-than-the-average memory, when it comes to memorizing the names of the people who are associated with good Hindi songs. (without having the intention to boast or anything)

So since there is a new wave, and we can even say, a "new generation" of singers and composers coming in, here's dedicating this blogpost, in trying to know more about each of these singers and these composers.

Naturally, I have divided this post into two, starting with the singers, exploring the various tracks that gave them the fame, with a personal touch by adding my own favorite songs rendered by them, and then ending with the new-age composers, and briefly reviewing their best work.


Ash King:

He recently sang I Love You from the box-office superhit Bodyguard. But he mainly got noticed and appreciated for his rendition of the song Te Amo from the movie Dum Maaro Dum.

Also known for: Dil Gira Daftaan from Delhi-6 - This song was infact his very first song in Bollywood. And yes, he got his very first break in the industry thanks to the maestro AR Rahman, who insisted to Ash King to try out singing in Hindi. And look where he is now. Hats off to Rahman!

Shahid Mallya : 

(No picture found, as of now)

He is mainly known for his romantic and soft-paced song Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya from Mausam, composed by Pritam. A very different sort of voice, hard to find words to describe it. It is husky at the same time as melodious. Interestingly, he has also sung a full-on fast-track song called Do Dhaari Talwar from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (henceforth abbreviated as MBKD). Interesting discovery, he is!

Still from the song Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya - Sweet romantic track composed by Pritam

Benny Dayal: 

He has been in the industry for quite some while now, mainly working for Rahman and Salim-Suleiman, in Hindi songs as well as Tamil music. His most famous Hindi track is probably Tarkeebein from Band Baaja Baaraat , but he has also sung an equally-good track called Choomantar from MBKD.

Personal favorite? A Tamil song, called Omana Penne from Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. (Yes, I know this is a blogpost about Hindi music.. but still, couldn't help writing about his overall best work till date)

Also known for: Rehna Tu from Delhi-6 - Yet another beautiful song in the same album.

Still from the song Choomantar - a good clean peppy track.

Neha Bhasin: 

Her recent song Dhunki from the movie MBKD has already turned into a chartbuster, for the foot-tapping catchy song it is!

Personal favorite? A song called Kuch Khaas from the movie Fashion, a slow romantic track which is very soothing to the ears.

Still from Dhunki (sung by Neha Bhasin) - A powerful song, full of intense rock elements in it!

Shruti Pathak:

Tujhe Bhula Diya (one of my all-time favorites from the movie Anjaana Anjaani) is something I've already written about in one of my previous blogposts. But I guess I just can't stop praising the music of Anjaana Anjaani! And she is also singing a peppy track called Criminal from the upcoming movie Ra One, alongside Akon. (Correction: I mentioned previously, that she sang the song Bhare Naina. That was a major error on my behalf, since she isn't the singer of that song. My apologies.*Updated on 30th September 2011*)

Also known for: The dance track Jee Le from the movie Luck.

Still from the song Tujhe Bhula Diya - A sad and lovely pathos-filled track.

Aditi Singh Sharma:

Dilli from No One Killed Jessica is a song which really rose up the charts, for the rock element in it! And Sharma is also a part of Choomantar from MBKD, singing alongside Benny Dayal.

Also known for: A song picturized on Kalki Koechlin, called Yehi Meri Zindagi from Dev D.



Ram Sampath:

Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose was an instant success by Sampath. And infact, the entire album of the movie Delhi Belly was very well appreciated by critics, since it offered a variety of songs, which was something different than the usual Hindi movie albums!

Personal favorite? Vaada Raha from Khakee - A very sweet and melodious song, interestingly composed by the same man who did a song titled Jaa Chudail!

Still from the song DK Bose - A song which turned into a youth anthem!

Amit Trivedi: 

One of my recent favorites, with outstandingly good music. His national award-winning Dev D is indeed an album that deserved all the praise! He then composed for the movie Aisha, and more recently speaking, he is the man behind the album of the kid's movie Chillar Party, which bears a very infectiously catchy track called Tai Tai Phiss composed and sung by him.

Personal favorite? His guest composition Iktara in the movie Wake Up Sid, is indeed something which overtook by miles the quality of the rest of the album, composed by well-established composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy! A song penned by Javed Akhtar, and which turned out to be the theme song of the movie.

Sohail Sen :

Well, many of the names of singers I mentioned above owe a lot to this man, thanks to his album of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Though his best work till date is definitely What's Your Rashee. Interestingly, he himself has sung most of the 12 tracks which feature in the album! Multi-talented, one must say.

Also known for: The music of Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se

Personal favorite? The song Jao Na from What's Your Rashee. Sung by him and Taranum Mallik.

And so, dear readers... which are YOUR favorite songs of the season, among the songs sung by such relatively "new" people? Please, do let me know your opinion on it all, by leaving a comment below.

I guess that's all I had to say on this topic.. so until next time.. Take care, and keep smiling, and keep enjoying good music! :)

Musically yours,
Santhosh ^_^

Sep 9, 2011

Lifeblog (Aug-Sept) with a Song : Superb Month in Mumbai. End of Holidays. New beginnings.

Salutations, readers!

First and foremost, here's wishing a very happy and prosperous Onam to all those who celebrate it. (And I just CANNOT wait to feast and savour on the Onam Sadhya for lunch. Hehehe!)

The following blogpost will mainly be a general view of the big events happening in my life. (obviously, without going into the intricate details)

Will also write separate blogposts on Cricket, Hindi music and Bollywood, separately.

So here goes, yet another blogpost entitled Lifeblog. With an added bonus in the end, for those interested. ^_^


August was a very memorable month, in every way of the word. I did an internship in this e-commerce company called CoralHub, and the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant, and so informal (a huge change, from the super-formal Swiss atmosphere). And well, the team was composed of very friendly and straightforward people, and I got to make very good friends there. Quite a surprising thing, that was, since I always thought myself to be an introvert.. but my colleagues never made feel like one! The whole learning process was quite an interesting one. Overall, one of the best times of my life.

Add that to getting to spend quality time with family and close friends. Add THAT, to having got to spend Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai, and having got to see the most beautiful Ganesh idols ever. And finally, add that, with the usual Mumbaiyya pleasure I get, via the great food, the relaxing rain showers and the inner peace that comes along it all, when I'm in the city.


© Santhosh Muraleedharan

© Santhosh Muraleedharan

And well, after that brilliant month in India, coming back to Geneva is always the most horrible feeling. When you think back of all the nice times you had, it indeed leaves you in an empty state of mind. So yes, September is so far quite a boring month, but also it feels good to have few days of rest before University starts.

Indeed, a new beginning is in store for me, after having had a horrible first year of my Bachelor's in Maths. I have now changed my course, and have taken up International Relations as my new subject. Here's praying, and hoping all goes well this year for me.


And well, to end this blogpost, which is part of my Lifeblogs collection, here's a song. A song, which was on my head constantly, during the last few days, since I'm really feeling low and missing Mumbai a lot. And well, writing about it, and "singing about it" (if I may say so), makes me feel better about it.

And here's hoping you like the song, which I dedicate to all those who miss something or someone very close to their heart. A song straight from the heart, and nowhere near as good as Farhan Akhtar's voice in the original song from the "Rock On" soundtrack, composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, but still as I always say... honest and sincere, an attempt.

Tum Ho Toh - Rock On (2008)

   Tum Ho Toh by Santhosh by SanthM

Here's wishing you a prosperous Onam once again, and wish you a great month ahead.

Cheers, keep smiling, God bless,