May 21, 2011

Saluting the Birth of a Great Sibling

"Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply..."
~Jane Austen

You were there...

In times of crisis, you were there. When it was celebration time, you were there. When you felt the need to correct me, you were there. For silly fights and name-calling sessions, you were there. For giving me style tips, and helping me look good, you were there. For being cool, and cheering me up with jokes, you were there. For helping me out with homework, you were there. For being a shoulder I can cry on, you were there. For being a person to laugh with, you were there.

Then, you went away. Far away. Miles away. Continents Away.

But still you are there. In my thoughts, you are there. In my heart, you are there. You are there, because you are my blood relation.

You ARE there, for being someone I can look up to. Then, now and forever. For being the biggest rival, yet the best friend, one could ask for.

And thus, I salute your birth, sibling. Happy 23rd Birthday. Have a great one

May 7, 2011

Open Letter To Mahela Jayawardene

©AFP (pic courtesy Cricinfo)

Dear Mahela Jayawardene,

Kochi Tuskers Kerala was a Franchise that not many people were trusting to go far in this competition. But THANK YOU for having proven those folks WRONG.

Your very justified field-placements, your unusual bowling changes, your interesting team selections (bringing in Sreesanth at the right time in the team, and introducing us to Parameswaran), your constant energy on the field, and your level-headed attitude, are all part of a great Captaincy-combo that ensured us few victories, that nobody expected! (Against Kolkata, Mumbai AND Chennai!) Add that, to a great captain's knock whenever it was needed, and you have a player who has done his job perfectly. As a batsman. As a captain. As a Tusker.

I am not a resident of India... I am an Overseas Citizen of India, residing in Geneva, Switzerland, but originally from Kerala.. and very frankly, even I wasn't too sure of KTK's fate in this tournament. And before this IPL, I had a strict rule, which says that "Do not follow an IPL team, which has a Non-Indian as a captain". That was BEFORE THIS IPL. Because you made me a fan, Mahela. A die-hard fan of KTK. All the way, from outside India.

So Thank You, Mr. Jayawardene. For everything you have done for this franchise. And I wonder what will happen to KTK, without your presence. But atleast we reached this far in the group stage, mostly thanks to your great Leadership. And best of luck for your national duties.

Kochi will miss you,

Your new fan from Geneva,

Santhosh Muraleedharan