Mar 1, 2014

Lifeblog: Unclear Destinations, Indefinite Ends, and all about Uncertainty (March 2014)

Hello Readers!

It has been two whole months I had not seen myself logging in to my own blog... I hope you all are keeping well!

This post is one more to the collection of "Lifeblog" posts, that I have on this site. The title? Well, I guess it's one that "says it all". You don't know where Life is taking you, so the "Destination" is unclear... There is no real "End" or "finality" to the events that keep happening... And there is a lot of uncertainty.

Photo by Santhosh Muraleedharan
Let me be fair to myself: I have evolved very positively as a person in many ways. I do realize that, yes. In other words, my reactions to the various events and happenings that have surrounded me have been quite good, in my own assessment. This differences can be noticed in the way I have written my Lifeblog posts in the past few years.

But still, throughout this entire journey called "Life", I have this tendency to often ask myself the following question: "Where is Life really taking me?"