Dec 31, 2015

Year-End Special: Top 30 Bollywood Songs of 2015

Hello all!

Here's the FINAL Bollywood blog post I will be posting for the year. These are my 30 favorite Hindi songs of this year. I must admit, this was a tough ranking to come up with, as there were plenty of great Bollywood tracks this year, so there were some tough choices to make.

Moreover, I don't really like the concept of "ranking" tracks - some songs just cannot be compared with each other, as the genres differ. So please see this more as a "list" than a "ranking" - although the Top 5 are probably my five most favorite songs of the year.

So here goes, the Top 30 Bollywood Songs of 2015, with a Youtube playlist at the bottom.


Dec 28, 2015

2015 Year in Review for Bollywood, and Releases in 2016

Hello all!

As it is almost a "yearly practice" for me on this blog, this post will be a comprehensive review of the year that was for Bollywood. Thankfully, this time I was in Bengaluru till this month, which means I could catch most of the year's biggest blockbusters in the cinema.

(Sidenote: I am back in Geneva, as I decided to leave Bangalore. Will post a Lifeblog post on this topic soon.)

On the whole, I must admit, 2015 has been a really good year for the Hindi film industry! There have been quite a few great movies, to watch on the big screen.

This mega-post will be divided in the following parts:
  • 2015, Year in Review
    • Watched, and liked/loved
    • Not watched, but highly acclaimed
    • Special mentions
  • 2016, the Releases to look forward to
  • Concluding Note
So here goes! Hope you enjoy this post! Do leave a comment, if I have left out any movies, or if you agree/disagree with my choices.

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