Feb 12, 2015

Quick thoughts on India's chances in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015


Hello dear readers, and fellow cricket lovers! Well... we're just 2 days away from that big eventful day. Wait, what? Valentine's Day?? No silly, I meant the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 *insert dramatic echo*

This is cricket's biggest tournament, and it indeed does look promising! This post will mainly cover Team India, and my personal thoughts on it, and its chances.

This post is coming late (as of now, 2 days before the tournament kicks off), because I was waiting to watch the warm-up matches to have a better idea of what to expect from each team in this tournament.

The Indian players have been in Australia for around 2 months (or more, I think). They're exhausted, away from their families, and have been winless throughout their entire stay in Australia. Despite being World Champions, it will be a tough ask for them to defend the title - no doubt about that!

I agree that our Indian team is mainly dominant when playing at home, and that our "Away" record is not that great. But all that being said, you just can't discard this team away from the top contenders for the title. They're still among the tougher opponents.

Plus, with a true star, and a fantastic leader like Mahendra Singh Dhoni leading this side, I think we still have our chances.

So here goes, my preview and sort-of-predictions for this World Cup! Enjoy the read!