May 28, 2010

Goal: Final Maturity exams, the finishing Line to these 4 years of college

Exams and studies talk

Ouch... ay carumba... SHOOTS! ... and whatnot.

I feel like saying all this and more, because my final Maturity exams are approaching, and I'm feeling weird. That's because it will be the last exams I will be writing in my college... time flew so fast! 

Today I just had my last day of college, and I'm already feeling all sorts of mixed up emotions in me. What I mean by "mixed up emotions", is, for example, feeling happy that I won't be talking German for the rest of my life, but also feeling sad that I won't have easy subjects like English in the future studies I will pursue. Its also sad to leave this nice atmosphere I had in my class... but for hopefully even better ones in the near future! There are few teachers and sirs that I will miss, but there are others that I'm happy to bid goodbye, hahaha, lol... 

Overall, I was very lucky to study at Collège d'André-Chavanne, because what makes it special, is the warm ambiance that the students and few sirs and teachers contribute to it. :)

Back to the topic of exams. Well, I will be having 13 exams, in the timespan of 22 days... which is, as you may have noticed, A LOT! However, apparently, not all results are revealed to the students, because they want a maximum of students to pass their year. A fair system, one must say. That's the reason why almost nobody has failed their 4th year in the past few years in my college.

This time, to reduce the stress level, I made myself a study plan. Hectic, but efficient, it should be helping me make a good cake out this exams batter. So for those who (like me) have tendencies to panic during exams, the only advice I can give is ORGANIZE YOURSELF. It always helps.

Well, my final words on this topic; I had a great time these 4 years, and I will really miss these awesome college days I had... and I'm really hoping, crossing my fingers, praying, and etc. that I WILL PASS these exams. Will work hard this time, and will see if it will help or not. Next milestone in mind: University of Geneva, Faculty of Maths.

Miscellaneous stuff...

And just as expected, during my exams, awesome Bollywood movies will release, there will be quite some Indian cricket, plus the Football World Cup will start. Just my luck!

Just recently, the music of Imran-Sonam starrer 'I Hate Luv Stories' just released, and I'm totally all over this new song called 'Bin Tere' sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali (of 'Mitwa' fame). The album is composed by Vishal-Shekhar, and its quite well composed... very peppy tracks, I loved them all!

And just as I finish writing this blog post, India just lost their 1st ODI in the Zimbabwe tri-series... and that too against Zimbabwe itself! ARGH! The squad is composed of only youngsters... no Sachin, no Dhoni... nobody! Hmph.
Concluding Note

Well, it was a pleasure to write my views on my current situation and current events that occurring around me. Once again, a special mention to College André-Chavanne; those were special moments I got to spend there in the college.

For those who have their exams, good luck! For others, cheerios :D Always a pleasure to pen in my thoughts on this blog :) Now its time for me to officially start my revisions...
Best regards, 
Studiously yours (lol),

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