Dec 28, 2013

The "ideal Indian squad" for ICC World Twenty20 2014

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"Oh Kohli is so Handsome"
"Dhawan's moustache is sexy"
"Dhoni is so COOL"
"Yuvraj is TOO GOOD, man"

NO! For Heaven's sake... we are about to play a T20 World Cup, it's not a fashion show. Ah well, just have a look at the squad I would opt for, in this massive tournament played in Bangladesh.

The Fourteen-Man Squad

1) Dhawan
2) Rohit Sharma
3) Pujara
4) Kohli
5) Dhoni (wk & captain)
6) Yuvraj
7) Rahane

9) Jadeja

10) Shami
11) Zaheer
12) Ishant
13) Bhuveshwar Kumar
14) Pragyan Ojha

The motivation Team India needs for winning yet another cup

Back in 2011: "Win It For Sachin"

NO! You won the 2011 ODI World Cup for Indians all around the world, by giving Sachin Tendulkar that victory. That victory ended up being the cherry on the cake. (That is, if I compare Sachin's career to the world's most awesome cake. Mmh, cake. Hehe!)

Who deserves this "dedication" now? In my opinion: win it now for YUVRAJ SINGH. Who in return, will win it for my most favorite, MS Dhoni. Who in return will win it for India. A victory which will inspire NRIs (or Swiss people like me) a lot. An inspiration which can win the 2015 World Cup. And etc.You get the point, right?

No, but jokes apart, come on friends. Yuvi fought a battle so hard, that we deserve to dedicate this victory to him. We have to FIGHT IN HIS NAME. He won us that World Cup in 2011, and now it is time we win this T20 World Cup in his name. Plus, who got those six sixers against that nervous Stuart Broad? Wink wink!

Bleeding is too blue. Chak De India! That's better. (Win it for SRK, who said "Chak De" so fashionably... actually no, Yuvraj you are way too awesome to be neglected here. I am foreseeing a victory in your name, and what I foresee should happen...please!)

CHAK DE PHATTEY! 77 Days to go for this tournament. I just cannot wait for this one...

Final Predictions

South Africa and West Indies will be strong opponents. But as an Indian fan, my natural instinct is to say India are favorites. And one more point: watch out for Ireland.. they are NOT harmless in any way. And I mean it, this is not a joke, just look at the recent tournaments they won.

Agree? Disagree? Please do it politely, and feel free to write a comment below!

Cheers! J

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