Dec 6, 2013

Coming Soon! (Posts in December 2013)

Hello to all!

This is going to be a relatively short post, about the forthcoming posts to be uploaded on this blog. First and foremost, here's hoping that you, my readers, are keeping well and that you have had a good 2013. To those who usually like reading the posts I publish on the various topics I cover in my blog, here's good news: this month there will (hopefully) be 4  posts published on my blog. To know what, and on which topics I will be writing about, keep reading!

As of now, I am in my third and final year of my undergraduate studies, and I'm graduating in June 2014 (Hurray! Can't wait to finish my Bachelor's degree!) I'm actually having a lot of ideas about the various topics which I would like to cover in my following posts. But the emphasis is on the following part of that sentence: "which I would like to cover". Currently, I'm still busy with various assignments and presentations, and as the Christmas Holidays are approaching, I just cannot wait to be on leave to get started on the various posts which I'm eager to put on my very own "Santhosh's Blog". I can't guarantee that all the posts mentioned below will be published, but I will try my level best to do so.

So, without wanting to stretch this post too far, here is the tentative list of the posts you will be hopefully reading, during the end of this month (and probably in the beginning of 2014):

  • (POSTED) Dhoom 3 Music Review: A surprise entry! But it was worth it. Go for it! (Part added on 17 December, 2013 )
  • (POSTED) Latest Soundcloud covers - Yes, I've recorded yet another cover of a Hindi song, but will keep the name of the song a surprise, till I actually post it on Soundcloud and share it here, as I've done so often in the past. (And for those who still haven't seen this, here's the link of my page on this blog with my last Soundcloud uploads: )
  • Lifeblog: Lessons learnt in 2013 (December) - This will be something quite different from my usual "Lifeblog" posts. Usually, I end up giving my opinion on various thoughts and debatable points. But here, rather than merely doing "talks in the air", rather than expecting people to "believe in my theory, without a practical application of it", I will be reflecting on what I actually learnt during this year. I feel it is a much more direct and straightforward approach to gain the reader's attention on questions and issues that are not always so "straightforward", so to say.
  • (POSTED) 2013, the year in review for Bollywood movies - To be honest among all these posts, I'm most looking forward to writing this one! This type of post has gained a lot of views within my blog. I am mainly referring to the 2012 review of Hindi movies (only those seen by myself) and 2010 - The Year That Was... 2011 - A Very Promising Year! posts. These two posts account for almost 1000 views together, when my entire blog has almost 12,000 hits! So yes, I may not be a frequent "movie reviewer", but this yearly "Mega-Review" is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. So watch out for this one, readers!
  • (POSTED) The "ideal Indian squad" for ICC World Twenty20 2014 - Having followed cricket really closely since a long time, I felt it was necessary to write on my blog about the Indian team's success in recent times. Frankly speaking, I realize I have not published many "Cricket-based" posts in recent times. Especially when there has been a lot happening in the cricketing world, it's indeed necessary to cover up this area as well!
  • (POSTED) Christmas Special - Top English songs of 2013
  • (POSTED) Christmas Special: Captain America to the rescue!
For now, I am hoping I made you a bit eager at least. I look forward to writing these posts in the coming weeks, but more than that, I am looking forward to seeing more comments and feedback on these posts! Your feedback is more than welcome, negative or positive, as long as it is well-constructed. If it is spam or hateful comments, it will be deleted, obviously.

Cheers to all of you, here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas in advance, and have a great Holiday Season!

Photo by Santhosh Muraleedharan

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