Apr 17, 2012

The Avengers (2012) - I'm part of the hype.. oh yes, I am!

The Avengers... now this is a movie, which a huge majority of fans are looking forward to. It's entirely justified. And I'm putting the emphasis on the word "entirely".

You take five superhero movies. Different stories, coming from different eras, different contexts, or different places of the universe even! But they all come together in ONE MEGA-SEQUEL. And that's Avengers for you.

Most of my friends from my friends-circle over here in Geneva, actually know how excited I am for this flick. And it's funny and ironical, because I never knew that I would turn out to be such a big fan of this Marvel Cinematic Universe. (As it is called by the makers)

It all goes back to Iron Man, back in 2008. Initially when the name itself came out, knowing nothing about it, I used to make fun of it: "A superhero with powers of being made out of Iron? What a joke" Well, I then saw the movie, and was totally impressed. Robert Downey Jr. was a-ma-zing in this role. I took back my words, and how.

And then, chronologically speaking, The Incredible Hulk came out, in 2008 as well. But before that, I saw Iron Man 2 (2010). Interestingly, even then, I was rather sure that it wouldn't be as good as the first flick, like most sequels. But wow, there were scenes that were mind-blowing and yet again, I took back my words.

And when the promos of Thor (2011) and Captain America (2011) were out, I saw that Marvel was planning this big sequel, for all these five movies. Which I found rather interesting, a concept.

So, before watching Thor, I decided to watch The Incredible Hulk. It was really nice, but not as great as the other flicks by Marvel. But for the sake of knowing every character's story, I was glad I saw Hulk. It was nice in its own way.

And then came Thor. I even saw it with my Dad, who is not that a big fan of superhero movies. And he loved it as well! It was beautifully narrated, and the characters and settings were perfectly conceptualized.

Finally, the story of the "First Avenger", Captain America. A very inspiring character, played by a very apt Chris Evans. A superhero movie, with lots of morals behind it.

By the end of these five movies, I was really curious. Can Marvel really pull this off?? Well, that's when Promo number one came out.

Well, that's where the excitement started. And it didn't end there... then, they released Promo number two.

Initially I didn't even like Hulk's new look... but now I'm starting to fall for his part as well!

So yes, overall: The Avengers? I'm going to DEFINITELY catch it on the big screen, and in 3D. Can't wait! Bring it on, Marvel!

Here's a bonus, for the fans who can't get enough of the clips:

Cheers! :) Or "suit up", in the words of Capt Rogers! ;)

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