Dec 16, 2013

Christmas Special: Soundcloud covers

Hello Readers! Now that I've caught your attention, please continue to read ok? (Hehe)

This is one is mainly dedicated to my sweet father, my passionate mother and my awesome sister. And obviously to all those well-wishers all around me. I have been working on these two covers since quite some time.

Check it out, and get back to me when you can.

Love and regards to all of the ones who mean a lot to me. Let me list them here, by name if possible:

- Those who make me smile
- Those who make me laugh
- Those who have been there for me (for a long time, or for a short period)
- The people who bonded with me on a very fun level
- Those who made me cry, but made me feel light and gave me a shoulder to cry on
- Those who inspire me
- Those who support my family
- Those who make my parents happy
- Those who make fun of my sister in order to make her smile
- Those who call me Santa, and who know the importance of such a nickname eventually

Well I did say "if possible".. I couldn't give so many names, could I really do that? YESH I CAN! Actually, no I cannot. They know who they are eventually, no?

Hehe, just listen to the following songs, please:

Happy December everybody! :-)


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