Oct 25, 2016

SK Article Excerpt: Why MS Dhoni must not be put under pressure ahead of the 4th ODI against New Zealand

The man who has given India numerous victories with his captaincy. The man who has re-written the rulebook of wicket-keeping. The best ever finisher in world cricket. The coolest mind of the game.

All these claims and titles go along with results and records for the Indian cricket team. Despite all of the various elements described above, there is no doubt that MS Dhoni is a man who is an easy target for haters.

Read the full article here: http://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/thoughts-from-a-dhoni-fan-on-why-he-should-not-be-put-under-pressure-ahead-of-the-4th-odi

(Originally posted on Sportskeeda on 25 October 2016)

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