Oct 25, 2016

SK Article Excerpt: Realisations of a Swiss Indian fan after PV Sindhu’s inspiring performance at Rio 2016

After waking up from my afternoon nap, I open up my phone and see various posts on my Facebook News Feed saying "PV Sindhu playing Carolina Marin LIVE in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - follow the updates here". I think to myself: "Wow, what a relief! Woke up RIGHT in time to watch the Badminton final. Would have kicked myself hard if I missed that". To give you a little bit of background, I am a 20-something Swiss Indian, i.e. a guy of Indian origin having been born fully raised and educated in Geneva.

Having had parents who have always been diehard fans of cricket, I have been the typical cricket addict, despite living in a region obviously dominated by football fanatics. I also occasionally follow tennis, for obvious Federer reasons.


Read the full article herehttp://www.sportskeeda.com/badminton/realizations-swiss-indian-fan-after-pv-sindhus-inspiring-performance-rio-2016

(Originally posted on Sportskeeda on 20 August 2016)

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