Sep 16, 2011

New wave of talent in the Hindi Music industry - Sept 2011

Hello, faithful readers of this humble blog! :)

These last few months, I've been listening to lots of good Hindi music, that has just released during this period. And very VERY good music has indeed been produced in recent times!! And interestingly, the names I see for the credits of these songs, are no longer names like "Udit Narayan" or "Sonu Nigam", but rather the likes of Sohail Sen and Ash King.

And what I hate about people these days, is when they hear these songs, and enjoy them whole-heartedly, without even knowing who is singing the song, or even who composed it! The reasoning might be right from some angles, like for example, when these people say "Ah! Who cares! The song is nice, and that's all I care about!" But looking at this from another angle, you can say that there are benefits for knowing who is atleast composing the song, since you would then be eager to listen to the next compositions by the same person, in the future!

That is exactly what I believe in. And maybe that is why, I believe, I have been gifted with a above-than-the-average memory, when it comes to memorizing the names of the people who are associated with good Hindi songs. (without having the intention to boast or anything)

So since there is a new wave, and we can even say, a "new generation" of singers and composers coming in, here's dedicating this blogpost, in trying to know more about each of these singers and these composers.

Naturally, I have divided this post into two, starting with the singers, exploring the various tracks that gave them the fame, with a personal touch by adding my own favorite songs rendered by them, and then ending with the new-age composers, and briefly reviewing their best work.


Ash King:

He recently sang I Love You from the box-office superhit Bodyguard. But he mainly got noticed and appreciated for his rendition of the song Te Amo from the movie Dum Maaro Dum.

Also known for: Dil Gira Daftaan from Delhi-6 - This song was infact his very first song in Bollywood. And yes, he got his very first break in the industry thanks to the maestro AR Rahman, who insisted to Ash King to try out singing in Hindi. And look where he is now. Hats off to Rahman!

Shahid Mallya : 

(No picture found, as of now)

He is mainly known for his romantic and soft-paced song Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya from Mausam, composed by Pritam. A very different sort of voice, hard to find words to describe it. It is husky at the same time as melodious. Interestingly, he has also sung a full-on fast-track song called Do Dhaari Talwar from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (henceforth abbreviated as MBKD). Interesting discovery, he is!

Still from the song Rabba Main Toh Mar Gaya - Sweet romantic track composed by Pritam

Benny Dayal: 

He has been in the industry for quite some while now, mainly working for Rahman and Salim-Suleiman, in Hindi songs as well as Tamil music. His most famous Hindi track is probably Tarkeebein from Band Baaja Baaraat , but he has also sung an equally-good track called Choomantar from MBKD.

Personal favorite? A Tamil song, called Omana Penne from Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. (Yes, I know this is a blogpost about Hindi music.. but still, couldn't help writing about his overall best work till date)

Also known for: Rehna Tu from Delhi-6 - Yet another beautiful song in the same album.

Still from the song Choomantar - a good clean peppy track.

Neha Bhasin: 

Her recent song Dhunki from the movie MBKD has already turned into a chartbuster, for the foot-tapping catchy song it is!

Personal favorite? A song called Kuch Khaas from the movie Fashion, a slow romantic track which is very soothing to the ears.

Still from Dhunki (sung by Neha Bhasin) - A powerful song, full of intense rock elements in it!

Shruti Pathak:

Tujhe Bhula Diya (one of my all-time favorites from the movie Anjaana Anjaani) is something I've already written about in one of my previous blogposts. But I guess I just can't stop praising the music of Anjaana Anjaani! And she is also singing a peppy track called Criminal from the upcoming movie Ra One, alongside Akon. (Correction: I mentioned previously, that she sang the song Bhare Naina. That was a major error on my behalf, since she isn't the singer of that song. My apologies.*Updated on 30th September 2011*)

Also known for: The dance track Jee Le from the movie Luck.

Still from the song Tujhe Bhula Diya - A sad and lovely pathos-filled track.

Aditi Singh Sharma:

Dilli from No One Killed Jessica is a song which really rose up the charts, for the rock element in it! And Sharma is also a part of Choomantar from MBKD, singing alongside Benny Dayal.

Also known for: A song picturized on Kalki Koechlin, called Yehi Meri Zindagi from Dev D.



Ram Sampath:

Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose was an instant success by Sampath. And infact, the entire album of the movie Delhi Belly was very well appreciated by critics, since it offered a variety of songs, which was something different than the usual Hindi movie albums!

Personal favorite? Vaada Raha from Khakee - A very sweet and melodious song, interestingly composed by the same man who did a song titled Jaa Chudail!

Still from the song DK Bose - A song which turned into a youth anthem!

Amit Trivedi: 

One of my recent favorites, with outstandingly good music. His national award-winning Dev D is indeed an album that deserved all the praise! He then composed for the movie Aisha, and more recently speaking, he is the man behind the album of the kid's movie Chillar Party, which bears a very infectiously catchy track called Tai Tai Phiss composed and sung by him.

Personal favorite? His guest composition Iktara in the movie Wake Up Sid, is indeed something which overtook by miles the quality of the rest of the album, composed by well-established composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy! A song penned by Javed Akhtar, and which turned out to be the theme song of the movie.

Sohail Sen :

Well, many of the names of singers I mentioned above owe a lot to this man, thanks to his album of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Though his best work till date is definitely What's Your Rashee. Interestingly, he himself has sung most of the 12 tracks which feature in the album! Multi-talented, one must say.

Also known for: The music of Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se

Personal favorite? The song Jao Na from What's Your Rashee. Sung by him and Taranum Mallik.

And so, dear readers... which are YOUR favorite songs of the season, among the songs sung by such relatively "new" people? Please, do let me know your opinion on it all, by leaving a comment below.

I guess that's all I had to say on this topic.. so until next time.. Take care, and keep smiling, and keep enjoying good music! :)

Musically yours,
Santhosh ^_^

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