Feb 13, 2016

Lifeblog: Back in the Swiss hometown, and the road ahead

Hello one and all!

Hope you all had a great start to 2016, as we are already at the halfway mark of February! And for those who have not had an easy start to the year (like me), here's an awesome meme that might just cheer you up:

The big news to begin this post with, is that I'm back in Geneva since last month. Now for those who have read my previous Lifeblog posts (and I thank you for that!), you may be wondering: "Wait, how is he back in Geneva? Didn't he mention he was really happy in Bangalore?" And almost all the Indian family friends who are meeting me after a long time are asking me: "So you didn't like it in Bangalore?" (which is, of course, a normal assumption to make, for most cases)

So, for the record, to settle it for once and for all: NO, there was nothing wrong with Bangalore, or my life there - and I was indeed VERY happy there! I still stand by all the statements I had made, about "loving my lifestyle in Bangalore".

There are many factors I took into account, before making the big call of wanting to return home. A lot of those are very personal, so won't be openly mentioning them here. But a lot of it, was with regards to the "plans of the future", that I wanted to come back to my home here in Geneva.

Came right in time for the Lights festival at the Lake side!

2016 is a big year for me in many ways: it is going to be a very challenging one. The reason is simple: 2015 was a GREAT year for me, in many ways, and the challenge will lie in finding the same kind of "happy lifestyle" over here, during the course of the coming months. In short, I travelled a lot, lived a happy independent life in India, and achieved some big personal milestones (including a major weight loss) in 2015.

The key to success in 2016 will be the same I have talked about, in some of my older posts: it's all about "embracing the uncertainty". Playing along with whatever comes my way, and build my own "lifestyle" around it! In a nutshell, if 2015 was the "Year of Happiness" for me, 2016 will be the year where I would need to try and "sustain" that Happiness, in my own ways! (And a cheesy reminder for the umpteenth time: the derivated meaning of "Santhosh" is Happiness, a word I am quite obsessed with, as you can guess)

Upcoming posts for 2016 (tentative list)

So that's about my current situation in a nutshell. Here's the tentative list of posts I will try to publish during this year (will try and stay committed to this list):

  • The usual occasional Lifeblogs
  • Cricket: The WT20 and how Team India looks
  • Bollywood: the occasional music reviews, and other time-relevant posts
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: a post about Captain America: Civil War, and one about the TV shows (both ABC and Netflix shows)
  • The usual year-end posts about Bollywood's Year In Review
  • And probably some other ones!
In the meanwhile, you can check out my Spreaker profile, where I had hosted my amateur Bollywood radio show Santh FM last year - I had posted 15 episodes, out of which the 15th one is still there on the website, if you want to check it out: https://www.spreaker.com/user/santhm. The show's format was very simple: every week had one very "general topic", on which I try to give my thoughts, and I play three Hindi songs related to the theme. Given the general "good feedback" from people around me, I will try to make a "2nd season" to Santh FM this year, where I upload one episode every week. (Makes for a fun weekly hobby, in fact) So do watch that space for more!

I also have a Youtube channel santhoshgeneva, where I occasionally post acoustic covers of Bollywood songs and other videos, and will try to regularly upload stuff there too in the coming months: https://www.youtube.com/user/santhoshgeneva 

And this may be coming in (very) late, but here's wishing everyone a very happy and successful 2016 ahead! Hope you guys will also find what you are looking for :-) May this year be the best one ever. Cheers!

Sayonara! Hope to see you here again soon!

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