Aug 5, 2015

Music Review: All Is Well (2015) - Bollywood

Yolo is the first Himesh track in this soundtrack (sung by Sreeramachandra). Decent, catchy, but gets monotonous after a point. The English rap, however, is top stuff.

You ask for a Himesh-Arijit collaboration, you get Baaton Ko Teri. The Himesh fan in me is super happy! What a soulful song – the kind you can imagine Himesh singing, but Arijit does the job for him.

Himesh’s best one in this album is Tu Milade. Take Ankit’s energetic vocals, and Himesh’s powerful tune, and goosebumps are sure to follow!

Mere Humsafar is “old wine in a new bottle”. The Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak hit song now has a soulful feel, thanks to Mithoon who nails it (yet again!). Tulsi Kumar does great too.

The second-best track of the album is Nachan Farrate. I never really got the “Baby Doll” hype (song was great, but was it worth that much hype?), and “Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan” was very poor. But this one is PERFECTION. The Meet Bros rope in Kanika Kapoor one more time, and deliver their best song till date.

Chaar Shanivaar gets my vote for the best one in this album. Amaal Mallik is slowly making a mark in the industry, and he does it with great music, catchy lyrics, and powerful vocals. His formula is easy to recognize, but hard to describe in words. Maybe FRESH would describe his music the best? (And I cannot believe his age – what a genius!)

What is the Verdict: Ishq Waala Love? Love? Likey a lot? Likey? So-so? Bad? Really Bad? Horrible?

My Verdict: Love

Final Word: All Is Well (2015) is one of the best soundtracks of 2015. Himesh fans have a lot to be happy about. You have a Mithoon reboot, a “Kanika and Meet Bros” hit song
, and an Amaal Mallik chartbuster to dance on. That adds up to one superb Bollywood soundtrack! Don’t miss it!

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