May 1, 2013

Celebrating a milestone: 10,000 page views after 3 and a half years!

Hello Readers!

Here's thanking you all for contributing in making my blog read over 10,000 times! It is indeed a very special milestone for my blog and for myself!

It is rather interesting to see how I have grown as person in the last 3 and a half years!

There have been deep lows, but there have been huge highs. There have been lots of Bollywood. Quite a bit of cricket. There were also my covers of Hindi songs. Some music reviews. And mainly a LOT of moral talk, pseudo-philosophy (if I may say so), and life experiences. The lessons I learned are something I cherish, and I look forward to grow as a person even now, because my life is constantly a learning curve.

To mark the special milestone, I decided to change the colors of the blog, by making it more blueish and more vibrant. What do you think of it? Do leave in your comments with the precious feedback!

And I know this year I've not written much on the blog, since I've been busy with studies and other duties. But I will be writing a Lifeblog post in 2 weeks from now, after my final exams of the 1st year.

Yes, I will be finally done with my first year of my undergraduate course in two weeks from now! Have been waiting for this moment since two years, after struggling hard in the past, but I'm glad it is finally here. Happy times are here again :)

Here's thanking my family, friends, and all the people who have supported me throughout this period of 3 years!

On that positive note, cheers to all!


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