Dec 27, 2012

Lifeblog: This big rollercoaster called 'Life' rides on! (December 2012)

The large Christmas tree at Wafi Mall, Dubai

Before going over the general happenings in my life, I would like to wish all readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope 2013 will be a brilliant year for all of us... may God bless us all!

And as for me, well I have it will be by far a better year for me, as 2012 was a very extreme one. An extreme one, because I came across many failures and some success in this same year. One of the biggest failures for me was actually failing in University of Geneva.

All that said and done, October onwards I started moving on towards a whole new world. I joined a private university, where the atmosphere was totally different. The small classes, where you know all your peers and colleagues. The teacher-student relationship, which is actually there. And moreover, personally speaking, at last a taste of success, as I am finally faring well in my studies! I have managed to score consistently well so far, probably being among the toppers of the class. And moreover, I am finally happy in what I am studying! So I guess, it's all going great after a strangely saddening year until October.

However I must keep reminding myself that this is merely a start. I should just keep at it, and keep building on this momentum.

Furthermore, I should keep my eyes open, and be ready to accept whatever event comes in my way, good or bad. And this applies to all of us. Because one of the most inconvenient things about Life is that it is unpredictable.. but it is also one of the most fun things about it! It can be in our favor or against us, but whatever happens, we should learn to keep ourselves happy, and think "What's next?", because the future is what's important for us, not our past. Yes, it's our past that makes us. And I guess, the only useful thing of our past, is that it helps us reflect on where we went wrong, but that is ALL to it. However, thinking over it in a excessive manner (like I do, unfortunately) won't help you get anywhere... because you can't change anything in that part of your life!

And that's where I'd like to bring in the explanation of this post's title. I mentioned a similar thing in one of my first posts, back in 2009... that Life is just like a roller coaster, with all its constant ups and downs and all that. And I guess my opinion on that has still not changed, since that's one of the simplest analogies that comes to my mind when I think of the word 'Life'. I admit it sounds like too simple an analogy, but it is a very direct one.

To end this post, here's coming back to my initial point: Unpredictability of life. It can be a very exciting thing, if what comes in your way are 'pleasant surprises'. If 'big shocks' or even 'bad news' come in your way, then it suddenly turns into something very inconvenient. But whatever happens, one should learn to adapt to the circumstances and quickly think what's ahead.

It may not be an easy opinion to apply, and this is indeed one of my biggest weaknesses in fact! But writing such posts helps me reflect on myself, and I am slowly working on this trait of mine, by finding my own 'coping mechanisms' (be it music, movies or literature).

On that note, let's go ahead and welcome 2013 with open arms! May good times come to all of us! :-)