Jun 30, 2012

Lifeblog : Choone Hai Taare Issey, Chahiyey Saare Issey! (June-July 2012)

Hello readers :)

After what seems to be like a very long time, I'm finally writing a "Lifeblog" post. For those who don't remember what that's all about, it's infact probably the only time, where my main focus aren't movies, cricket, music, or anything of the sort. It's not about the glittery world of entertainment or sports in this part of my blog. It's infact about the updates in my life (obviously without dwelling into the private details).

So here goes, Lifeblog of June-July 2012.

The title of this post is actually a line of one of my most favorite songs... called "Yeh Zindagi Bhi", (from the movie 'Luck By Chance'), and that line means something like "I want to reach out for those stars out there... I want them, all of them!" (Sorry if my translation isn't perfect. My Hindi is not that great, so feel free to correct me!) This line (or atleast my interpretation of it!) somewhat reflects my mindset.. hungry for success, just waiting to get a taste of it. I have completed both semesters of my first year in International Relations, and they didn't go well. Now the fate of my current studies depends on the final batch of exams in August-September. I now have two months ahead of me to prepare well for those exams, and give it my best shot! And *touchwood* if all goes well (they should and they will!), it will finally be an inch of success in my academics.

Though, sometime I wonder... where is my Life taking me? Why can't things be more predictable, and easier to know in advance, so that I can plan my Life in a better way? Why do obstacles come in the way to weigh down my chances of doing well? So many questions alas... yet only one God is there up in the heavens, and am assuming he's doing his best to give everybody what they deserve.

It's true that I believe a lot in Destiny, though I don't like to blame everything on it, or give credit only to that factor. In fact, I had written one of my first blogposts about this very same topic. Luck, Destiny, Faith, and all that. Interestingly, my opinion on that hasn't changed since almost two and half years, which is when I actually wrote my blogpost! (Here's the link for those who want to give it a look: http://santhosh-geneva.blogspot.ch/2009/10/never-ending-tornado-not-rollercoaster.html )

So yes, we all sometimes have the tendency to look up in the sky and wonder "What the heck is that Almighty one up there doing to my life" which is normal I would say. But it shouldn't be beyond that. Because God isn't here to sink us.. nor is He here to elevate us.

In fact, few weeks back I found an interesting read in my room.. it was the Bhagavad Gita. And i'm not at all into spirituality, nor am I a very good Hindu to be frank with you people. But I do believe in God, and the power of this divine literature, with all the wisdom and knowledge it brings to you. So I decided to read and understand the Gita whenever I get the time. Anyway coming to the point: in the Gita, even the Almighty Lord Krishna tells to Arjuna, that God is not an enemy nor a friend of ours! There is no partiality that God keeps towards anybody.. but yes, he blesses the ones who worship him, but that's all.

I've copy-pasted the section of the Gita which talks about that, and it's a very interesting part. So here you go:

Bhagavad Gita
Chapter 9 Text 29

samo ’ham sarva-bhutesu
na me dvesyo ’sti na priyah

ye bhajanti tu mam bhaktya
mayi te tesu capy aham

I am equally disposed to all living entities; there is neither friend nor foe to Me; but those who with loving sentiments render devotional service unto me, such persons are in Me and I am in them.

So bringing this back into my context, I can say that it's not been an easy year for me. But I'm not giving up as of now, and I have lots to do for the upcoming batch of exams. Sure it can be disheartening, and yes you do tend to wonder if God is really giving you a fair life. But it isn't His job to give you a fair life, he is only here to give you his blessings.. through his many forms, whether it is through the parents or the siblings, or even the very close friends, who are here to bless you. Keep the goal in mind, take the support of those who believe in you, and go for it. And then, leave the rest to Luck, God or whatever you feel like calling it.

In the words of one of my most favorite characters from an animated movie:

"Funny. I guess destiny isn't the path chosen for us, but the path we chose for ourselves." - Megamind

Thanks for reading this blogpost, friends. Hope you enjoyed reading it. And on a positive note, thank you tons for having brought my blog to an amazing milestone: 7000 pageviews!

On that note, I say Cheers!

Santhosh Muraleedharan

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