Nov 4, 2011

Open Letter to Ranbir Kapoor

Dear Ranbir Kapoor,

You recently said in an interview "They either want to be a big star, or a good actor. The problem with me is, that I want to be both."

Well, I hate you. Because you just uttered those words some time back, and you ACHIEVED IT. I am jealous of you. Because this world is such, that everybody says "Work hard, you'll get the result you deserve for it". But very honestly, there are people who work very hard, and can't reach anywhere in life. You on the other hand have set an example on the youth of India.

I never believed I would say this, but Shahrukh Khan should learn from you. Four years back, SRK made a movie called Chak De India. Today he has made Ra.One. And trust me, he has lost his mind, while you have won our minds. You played in Saawariya 4 years back, and sorry if I sound brutal, but I never NEVER thought you would do a movie with Imtiaz Ali. I never thought you would do a movie with Prakash Jha. I never thought you would make it big with Shimit Amin. Who ironically is the director of Chak De India. Rocket Singh deserved to be a superhit, but failed at the box office. Ra.One deserved to be a flop, but became a record-grosser.

I've lost faith in the Indian crowd. But I want YOU to make me start trusting it again. Please promise your fans that you won't repeat your mistakes, such as Anjaana Anjaani, APKGK and Saawariya. And please promise us more films like Raajneeti and Wake Up Sid.

I know, I will get criticism for this letter. I know, people will say, "this guy is just a newbie.. how can you compare him to SRK?" I even will get hate comments. But I trust you, Ranbir. You have given me enough of movies to say so.

Now, should I even say anything about Rockstar? Because the promos speak so well for the movie. No, I've not seen it yet, and I don't know if I will. Because in Geneva, Hindi movies don't release. So yes, will wait for the DVD release, or else for it to be broadcasted on a Hindi channel. But I hate my fate - why can't a person like me deserve to watch Rockstar in the cinema?

I want to see you laugh, cry, and ROCK OUT LOUD, in a cinema hall. I want to hear AR Rahman's magical music with woofers that let me sink into the music. I want to see the classy technicalities of an Imtiaz Ali film, be it the cinematography, or art direction.

So yes, I hate you... like I love you. And I am not gay. But more of a person who gets inspired by what you do on the big screen.

Ranbir, I talked about the past (your excellent career so far), your present (Rockstar), and now your future. Please don't be another Shahrukh. Please do roles that suit you, and that you know will inspire viewers and fans.

Continue to rock like this, and trust me, you will soon enter the league of Superstars in Bollywood. I can't give you that title, when you have only done 10 films so far. But if your 11th and 12th also turn out to be quality movies, then you will surely become a legend.

In the words of Rocket Singh: "Even Spiderman has to take risks." At least you're an actor. And a star.

Yours sincerely,

Santhosh Muraleedharan

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