Aug 16, 2011

Should we really say HAPPY 64th Independence Day of India? (August 2011)

"India celebrates 64 years of Independence" says most of the headlines of news channels, and newspapers. But should we really be proud and be calling ourselves living in a free and independent country?

Yes, it may be true, that we should be proud of not living under the British ruling, and that atleast we are not still doing things, like cleaning up toilets of the British colonialists (as many of our forefathers used to do). And undoubtedly, we should be proud of the efforts of our various freedom fighters. And how can we even think of forgetting the fight for our Nation, led by the Mahatma himself, the Father of the Nation: Gandhi ji. (Myself being one of his biggest supporters, I believe)

But how much have we progressed as a nation? Is it enough to just be called an Emerging Economy, and be proud of our various qualities as INDIANS? Or should we rather stop living in this dream, and start realizing that our country has the potential, has the people, has the brains and has the POWER it takes to be a developped country in its every aspect? To be EVEN BETTER, than we already are?

Today, a septuagenarian who wanted to non-violently protest against our nation's corruption got arrested. He had decided to do this fast at JP Park, but the government didn't allow him to do so there. However, even before he reached the place, he got arrested by Delhi Police. Leaving tons of Indians baffled. And turning a nation even more angry towards the government.

One example among many, of things that are unjust and unfair in our country. And I think, saying "Happy Independence Day" to each other, and just enjoying the day off, is the most silliest way to celebrate the occasion. We should not passively take this pride and just "be happy" on the day. Instead, we should DO something for the nation. Not passive, but time to be ACTIVE. Actions speak louder than words.

I personally decided to help in a small way: by deciding to not throw any garbage on the streets of Mumbai. Maybe it's not something big or majestic, but as the saying goes: Every little effort helps. I want to say a clean India, and this is my way of contributing towards that goal.

Today, I was discussing with a colleague at my workplace. And he told me a valid point: In the Indian cinemas, they play the National Anthem, and it is said on the screen "Please stand up for the National Anthem". Should we really be told to stand up, when our Anthem is played? Shouldn't it be our duty to do so, without even being told about it? Very valid point, I think.

My own younger-than-me relative keeps telling me "You are not from here, so how would you know?" That's a statement which always angers me. Because being outside my nation, I know about my country more than the youngsters from here itself. And I cherish my pride in being an Indian, too much, to even try to understand this statement. They say that Indians residing outside India tend to be more protective about their nation than the resident Indians themselves. And I agree, to a certain extent, with this statement. 

All hope isn't lost. The Nation is awakening. Ideas from movies like Rang De Basanti and Lage Raho Munnabhai are turning into reality, where the aam junta is slowly realizing that our nation is run by the wrong people. We are looking at a brighter future. We need many more Anna Hazare's and Mahatma Gandhi's. We need a generation that will clean up the mess in this country. It's not going to be an overnight change.. but it will happen. It is a new fight for freedom, that will end up in victory. In the name of our Bharat, JAI HIND.

Chandrashekhar Azad: If yet your blood does not rage, then it is water that flows in your veins. For what is the flush of youth, if it is not of service to the motherland.

Post Scriptum: Anna Hazare was about to get released by Delhi Police, just now. But he refuses to leave the Tihar Jail, until he gets the permission to fast at JP Park. Respect! Don't mind my language, but this man has balls! Fearless spirit and a will to go upto any extent to bring the peace to the nation, in the most non-violent way.

Vande Mataram.

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