Apr 30, 2011

Lifeblog: Dubai - Brief tour in an amazing city (Easter Holidays 2011)

Salutations, Faithful Readers! :D

Hope all are doing great, and first and foremost, here's wishing you all a BRILLIANT Easter. (Well this blogpost is actually being written on 25th April.. and will gradually be completed only by the 29th. So infact, I should rather write "Belated Happy Easter".)

Well folks, it is currently my Easter break which is going on, and I'm in one of my most favorite cities in this world: DUBAI.

Dubai. A city filled with beautiful sights all around. A shopping Heaven. A place filled with Keralites (though I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing! Hahaha). A foodie's paradise, since you get the best and biggest variety of foods here. And most importantly, one of the best touristic and photogenic locations in the World!

And well, the main reason why I'm loving this trip, is because I get to spend time with my Grandparents, and my ever-so loving Aunt and Uncle.

Now, coming to this blogpost. I feel that just posting all the photos that were taken in one go on Facebook, is not as good as making an entire blogpost with the few select pics, and posting links and captions with the images, all on the same page! At least, it sounds more like a colorful holiday diary which I'm publishing on the Internet, rather than just another monotonous album posted on Facebook.

So here goes, the agenda of my trip, presented day-by-day via images, videos and captions. Hope you enjoy it!

Day 1 - Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

Okay, so maybe this is not exactly in Dubai. But it's just next to it, and it's part of my trip, so thus why it is included in this Lifeblog.

Ferrari World was quite good overall, even though most rides were not as thrilling as I expected. However, it was very interesting, all the facts and trivia behind Ferrari's invention. Plus, the cars were all very aesthetic and amazing!

And most importantly, there was this ONE ride, which made this outing the most memorable one among all the theme parks I went to: Formula Rossa. The world's FASTEST roller-coaster. So amazing, that I can't even express it!

Entrance to Ferrari World

Formula 1 vehicule

Ferrari California and myself :D

A Ferrari.. which is BLUE? Somebody pinch me! :D

Day 2 - Dubai Zoo

The Dubai Zoo was really nice. Many varieties of animals, and a huge number of various birds were to be seen. I guess the following pics speak for themselves.


Ostrich and myself (sheesh, Ostrich is actually posing for the camera!)

Cockatoo! :D


*Roar* :P

Indian parrot

Peacock looking magnificent

Hungry porcupine

The funniest looking bird ever.. I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw this bad which had hair instead of feathers! It's called a Wild Hen, I think :P Hahaha! (Forgive me, O Hen:P)

Gorilla, jumping around

Angry cockatoo

Day 3 - Jet-skiing

This was just ULTRA-COOL! Jet-skiing is really something super-fun for people who like speed, water, the sunlight.. and moreover, a combination of the three!

Instructor teaching me to jet-ski

And *whoooosh*, there I go! :P

*Oh yeah* B-)

Day 4 - Dosa Plaza

Well, this day was mostly a break day from all activities. But we still went to a cool restaurant called "Dosa Plaza" for dinner. You actually get 104 varieties of Dosa there... yes, you read right, 104!!! Plus special varieties of Idlis, Uthappams, etc. For example, they sell Idli Manchurian. How cool does that sound? And well, how much ever I liked the Dosa menu there, I actually loved the other types of food you get there too! They sell chaat items and Punjabi food too. And for a Pani Puri fan like me, their Pani Puri was just A-MA-ZING.

And for people living in Mumbai, they are lucky, since they have an outlet there, in New Zealand and in Dubai.

Check out this link for more info on their menu (just to water your mouths): http://www.dosaplaza.com/menu.htm

Not my pic, found it on the net... but whoa that's a huge dosa!

Day 5 - Dubai Dolphinarium

This one's for animal lovers: the Seal and Dolphin show at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Dolphins are such intelligent animals, gracious, agile and strong as well. Seals are also very adorable animals, are as playful as Dolphins. Anyway, enough chitter chatter, here are the pics and videos of various parts of the show. (Including a pic of my Uncle, Aunt and myself with two of the dolphins)

Trivia: The National Aquatic Animal of India is infact the Ganges River Dolphin.

Funny-looking mascot :P

(Day 6 - A day spent at home, for a change!)

Day 7 - Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall Aquarium, and travel in Dubai Metro

Burj Khalifa: The world's tallest tower. Need I say more? As soon as the metro reached there, I just couldn't stop staring at this structure. My head was constantly up in the skies! One word describes this skyscraper the best: HUGE. Couldn't go to the top this time, but still, the view from the bottom was so good that I could still not stop myself from clicking pics! Amazing sight, for people who love gigantic structures.

Dubai Mall: A PARADISE for fashion freaks. Well, that's all I can say for the time being. Because I only went to the fashion section of the Mall, and the Mall is so humongous that it would take 2-3 days to cover it entirely! Food-lovers, this is your dreamland. Even bookworms will have a good time here! You get EVERYTHING here!

Look at all those brands! :D *gasps* :P

Okay, so this one, was to show that there's actually a LINE for people to enter the Louis Vuitton shop.. can you believe it? A LINE!!

This one's for the ladies :P

Dubai Fountain: Have you ever heard of a dancing fountain? Well, it's something very innovative that actually exists! A fountain that sways and moves according to the beats of a song, like a real dance! Very hard to describe that in writing, but have a look at the following video.

Dubai Mall Aquarium: The Guinness World Record holder of the largest single glass panel aquarium ever. Unfortunately, couldn't go inside, but it was nice to see the various fishes species from outside, nevertheless. Not many pics, since it wasn't easy to click them, but there are pics nevertheless.

Dubai Metro: Very well constructed transportation system, and great view from the Metro ensures an enjoyable ride!

Self-photography :)

Final Day - "Dum Maaro Dum", family photo time, and final goodbyes!

Went to see Dum Maaro Dum in the cinema, since a Bollywood fan like me CAN'T avoid missing seeing a movie in a theater, since there are no Hindi movies playing in Geneva cinemas. Movie was TOO GOOD. Watch it, if you are a fan of Bollywood super-thrillers. Rana Daggubati was very convincing, a great debut by him! Abhishek Bachchan is back with a bang, and Rohan Sippy scores yet again! Super music, well-penned dialogues, amazing action scenes and most importantly a screenplay which was CRISP and never lets you feel bored! Kudos to the story-writer Sridhar Raghavan! Two things I loved about the flick: the song 'Te Amo' and Rana's acting. Brilliant watch!

And well, later that day, I wanted to click pictures with my Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt. Don't know when I'll see them next. But spent a lovely time with them, this time.

Concluding note

Dubai was amazing.. beautiful.. pleasant.. cool.. humungous.. tasty.. and well, I could go on and on with the adjectives!

Can't thank my Uncle and Aunty enough for having made this stay SO enjoyable for me. Half of the photo credits should be given to my Uncle, since he clicked the better pics among the lot!

But I'm not saying Goodbye to this place. Will certainly come back. And explore much more than I did in this trip! Holidays will come and go, and I shall certainly make time for more Dubai trips during those!

Thanks for reading this blogpost, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! It's actually a first-timer for me, to write a Holiday agenda, so here's hoping you liked it!

Cheers, keep smiling, and please do post in your comments,

Sincerely yours,


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