Sep 24, 2009

Stepping stone number one... I'm crossing the "Blogging" river! :D

Stepping stone number one... I'm crossing the "Blogging River"

Hello all! So I finally made it! :D I finally have a blog!

Now, this might be my longest post of this blog, since I will be explaining my blogging style... and this itself explains one of the characteristics of my style: I only write long paragraphs on things on which I have very long chains of thoughts... and that's quite rare, except if we are discussing controversies, debates, philosophical stuff (once a month MAX... dont worry, no boring routines on THIS blog ;) !), movies (my reviews can be long :P), cricket (my match analysises are quite complete :p), and etc. But usually, I'm more of a "short and sweet" guy, and you should know this if you follow me on Facebook/Twitter! Since my updates on Twitter are of 140 characters (BY RULE of :p), and Facebook doesnt allow much of a long status, or else people might not read :p Yet, I will still take this blog opportunity to go with the flow, so i won't keep a word-limit in mind... Just will be keeping a topic-limit :p, lol! And what I need from you is FEEDBACK! I'm not entirely familiar with blogging yet, but I think on Blogspot addresses, you can comment IF YOU HAVE A GMAIL ACCOUNT (or a Google Account in General...) Otherwise, what you can do, is comment by putting simply your email address everytime! It's not AS tiring as it may sound...

What I might be posting...?

Well, I might happen to post almost everything I know about on this blog! So the answer is easy and short: "This Blog is a very honest reflection of my thoughts.. and me..."

And here's something I will do almost every week, I will post the "BCFQC" for the week, which stands for:


well, here we go for this week's BCQFC!

Bolly videos of week:

want to watch WHAT'S YOUR RASHEE, but can't in Geneva anyways... :(

Cricket Info for week:

Younis Khan: 'I think we will beat India or Australia'

[very funny! xD the only thing you will beat during this CT is eggs apparently... or loser teams UNLIKE India :P]

Funny stuff of this week [xD]: [=can be news, a joke, a funny incident that happened to me :p , hilarious movie scene/dialog, etc.]

In his One hour and 36 minute ramble, Gadhafi :

  • Called for abolishing the Security Council in favor of the General Assembly, which would become a "world parliament."
  • Said the Security Council should be called the "terror council" and that nobody should accept the resolutions of the UNSC going forward.
  • Said the United Nations headquarters be moved outside the New York so that everyone doesn't have to deal with the U.S. security.
  • Suggested it is moved to China or India.
  • Called for former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega to be released and all the documents of his case re-examined.
  • Called the H1N1 "swine flu" virus a military tool and a weapon of proliferation.
  • Called U.S. President Barack Obama "my son," and congratulated him for his first U.N. General Assembly, but indirectly criticized him for giving a speech and walking out.
  • Said the Taliban should be able to form an Islamic emirate and not be designated an "enemy."
  • [Source: CNN]

    Dr. Lola Kutty with Shahid and Priyanka:

    Quote of the week: "To err is human, to forgive is divine"... so, if you think I erred by making this blog, pls tell me! :P

    Concluding note of this blog post: Well... what can I say, apart from "Enjoy your stay" on my blog, because it's gonna be fun! (...for me atleast :P)... Plus I'm going to Greece in 30 minutes, so when I come back next week, I would LOVE to see your comments on this first post atleast :D

    Best regards,
    Santhosh :D

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