Jul 15, 2015

My two cents on the #IPLVerdict by Justice Lodha

Firstly, congrats to Indian Judicial System. I am saying it with a HEAVY HEART. But it was a brilliant decision. Not perfect, but needed. Ideally, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals should have been terminated for good, not only for 2 years. But our country needs their money, however black it is... let's face it. So yes, 2 years is not a perfect sentence, but it is fair enough.

I was the biggest fan of Chennai Super Kings. Having followed it since Season 1 till this year, it is heartbreaking to know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni will not be seen in the famous Yellow Jersey for the next 2 years. I cheered my heart out, and those owners cheated all their fans. And involved a Legend like MS Dhoni in this mess. That can't be taken lightly, and will not be forgiven by fans.

Here are some key personal thoughts of mine on this whole issues, and some of my wild wishes for the future:

  • Corruption should be punished. Always. And in some way.
  • Two years are not enough. Chennai Super Kings will come back in a new avatar in 2 years from now. I am extremely sure of that.
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni should show respect to his fans, and to HIMSELF, and leave the Chennai franchise. Being associated with a tainted name is bad for his image and for HIM. I am saying this as his BIGGEST fan.
  • MS Dhoni should ideally be part of the auction pool again
    • And heart wants him to be part of Mumbai Indians...
    • .... or Kolkata Knight Riders...
    • ... or Sunrisers Hyderabad...
    • ... or IDEALLY SPEAKING, my selfish wish (being a Keralite), a new and revamped Kochi side in the next IPL
  • Dravid should also leave Rajasthan Royals. He has been misused and abused by those crooks
    • He should be ideally part of the Sunrisers Hyderabad coaching and management team. They have great bowlers, but they need a batting coach. Imagine Dravid guiding Darren Sammy or even Shikhar Dhawan, to make them better captains! Or Dravid practicing batting with Dale Steyn or Trent Boult!
  • Sanju Samson should go back to the auction pool
    • Ideally speaking, he should be the captain and icon of the eventual Kochi side
    • Or at least get back with his very first squad. Under Kolkata Knight Riders
    • ...but definitely leave Rajasthan Royals! For the same reasons as for Dravid and Dhoni!
  • Whatever said above, next year's auction will be massive!
  • And all this being said, the Indian Premier League will be even more MASSIVE next year. Mark my words. Be it Bengaluru or Mohali or Kochi or Mumbai or Pune... the fans will come in an even larger number.
My dream, being a Keralite in Bangalore: to see the Royal Challengers Bangalore side play with a Kochi team, in Bangalore itself... and see Kochi thrashing my fellow Bangaloreans. Gayle, Kohli and De Villiers and all that.

So yes... my two cents. Or should I say RUPEES? I mean, this is a currency which has Gandhi on its notes... using one of the faces of  "Truth" to do such illegal activities is extremely outrageous... but I'm glad that justice has been done! Only hoping Dhoni doesn't get associated with a Chennai franchise again... but let's see what happens in the next IPL season, and let's see if Chennai will come back in 2 years (with or hopefully without Dhoni).

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