Mar 25, 2013

'Jee Le Zara' - just keep living this life!

Hello all! :-)

Will be soon writing a Lifeblog post... till then I thought of sharing a recent recording of myself with you all.

The song is 'Jee Le Zara' composed by Ram Sampath and sung by Vishal Dadlani, and it's from the movie 'Talaash'. Yet again, I've mainly done this because I'm able to relate to the song's lyrics a lot. The beautiful lyrics have been penned by Javed Akhtar, and in the movie the track is situated at a time where the protagonist feels lost and is drowning in some sort of sadness.

To be frank I've somewhat come out of that "period of sadness", but these lyrics still make me pensive, because all they say is "Keep living this life.. let the bad times pass, and don't go think so much over your sorrow.. listen to your heart"... or at least that's how I interpret the song.

The last few months of my life have been a total change after the difficult times I have been through, but I don't think I've forgotten the past - I've only overcome it. There is difference between the two, since I feel it is IMPOSSIBLE to forget the past as such, you can only "overcome" it per se. And well when one looks back, one may wish he or she didn't go through all that pain and sorrow, but then that's what made the person strong!

Coming to the point, this is one of those songs that sort of kept me going during those bad times, because the lyrics of the song were almost converting my thoughts into music, and thus I could relate to it.

And as usual, when there is a Hindi song which I love, I tend to sing along with it when it plays... and that turns into a recording which I then share on my blog and so on...

Hope you guys enjoy it, and here's telling you all "Jee le zara!", keep living and enjoy this life :-)

Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara Lyrics Translation (Talaash)

(taken from - )
Movie: Talaash
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Vishal Dadlani

Main hoon gumsum tu bhi khamosh hai
Sach hai samay ka hi sab dosh hai
Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta hai
Jaane kyun phir bhi dil kehta hai
Jee le zaraa, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil, jee le zaraa
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zaraa

I'm sad, you too are silent,
It's true that it's all fault of time only..
A sorrow stays there in the heartbeats,
don't know why still the heart says,
live a little, come on, live a little,
the heart says, live a little..
O companion, O beloved,
come near me, live a little..

Hai zindagi maana dard bhari
Phir bhi is mein yeh raahat bhi hai
Main hoon tera aur tu hai meri
Yoon hi rahein hum, yeh chaahat bhi hai
Phir dil ke dil se, pul kyun toote hain
Kyun hum jeene se, itne roothe hain
Aa dil ke darwaaze hum kholein
Aa hum dono jee bhar ke ro lein

I know that the life is full of pain,
still there is this relief in it too - 
that I am yours and you're mine..
we live like that only, this wish too is there..
then why are the bridges between hearts broken,
why are we so angry with life..
come let's open the gates of hearts,
come, let's both cry our hearts out together..

Jee le zara, jee le zara
Kehta hai dil, jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa, jee le zaraa

Gham ke yeh baadal guzar jaane de
Ab zindagi ko nikhar jaane de
Chhod de ab yaadon ke dukh sehna
O sun bhi le jo dil ka hai kehna

let these clouds of sorrow pass,
now let life be clear, better,
now stop enduring the sadness of memories,
listen to what the heart says..

Jee le zaraa, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zaraa
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zaraa

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