Feb 1, 2013

Phir se udd chala...

One of my most favorite Hindi songs of 2011... in fact, the entire album of the movie 'Rockstar' was a gem. Mostly people will applaud and cheer for A.R. Rahman's genius for this album. No two doubts about that, but more than the music, I feel the lyrics by Irshad Kamil reach out to you so beautifully. A very deep, meaningful and beautiful song, in the name of "Phir Se Udd Chala".

Whenever am low I just listen to this song through my earphones and start singing along softly. I have listened (and sang along, obviously) to it so many times that I literally know every lyric of it by heart. But I never understood every line of it. So thanks to Google and surfing on strange attempts of translating it, I ended up on Irshad Kamil's official website, with his very own translation of it. I believe he is currently one of the finest lyricists in the Hindi film industry at the moment.

Anyway, coming to the point, below this paragraph is a version of the track sung by myself. Not a professional, but an amateur's attempt at singing, as I always mention to you. And if you scroll further, you'll find the lyrics and the translation by the lyricist himself, which is amazingly good too. Thanks in advance for leaving in your feedback in the comments section. Cheers!


(Taken from Irshad Kamil's official website: http://www.irshadkamil.com/translationsdetails/458 )

Phir se udd chala
Udd ke choda hai jahaan neeche
Main tumhare ab hun hawale
Ab door door log bhaug meelon door yeh waadiyan
Phir dhuuan dhuuan tan har badli chali aati hai chooney
Par koi badli kabhi kahin karde tan geela yeh bhi na ho

Yet again ive taken a flight…
And with this flight Ive left the world behind,below me
I am now in your custody,O wind
Afar is the world and its inhabitants,Miles away is the nature
My body has again become Smoky,gas-like,each cloud comes impresses upon me
But if any cloud, anytime,anywhere has drenched/stirred me…this too doesn’t happen.

Kisi manzar par main ruka nahi
Kabhi khud se bhi main mila nahi
Yeh gila toh hai
Main Khafa nahi
Shehar ek se Gaon ek se
Log ek se Naam ek
Phir se udd chala…Main

At any landscape ive not paused
Never have I even met myself
It is a grievance,but im not annoyed…

Towns alike… Villages alike
People alike…Names alike…Ho…
Yet again ive taken a flight…

Mitti jaise sapne yeh
Kitna bhi palkon se jhaadon phir aa jaate hain

These dreams are like dust
No matter how much I dust them away
They come back again

Kitne saare sapne kya kahun kis tarah se maine tode hain choode hain
Mere saath chalein ,mujhe leke udein yeh kyun

How can I ever express about how and how many dreams ive broken and left behind.
Do they accompany me again, again take me on their wings and fly…Why

Kabhi daal daal kabhi paat paat
Mere saath saath phire dar-dar yeh
Kabhi sehra kabhi saawan mann raavan
Kyun mann
Kabhi daal daal kabhi paat-paat
Kabhi din hai raat kabhi din din hai
Kya sach hai Kya maya
Hey Daata ….Hey Daata

Then at all times, in all conditions, at all places, they are with me.
At times like a desert, other times like a monsoon
Like a Raavan I live to die again.
At all times, at all places
Sometimes the day seems a night-sometimes the day appears like a day
What’s real,what’s illusionary, O Lord…O Lord

Idhar –udhar
Kya hai pata hawa ley hi jaaye teri oor
Kheenchein teri yaadein teri yaadein
Teri oor…

Scattered here and there
Never know this wind might take me in your direction
Your memories pull me –in your direction

Rang-birangein vehmon mein main udta hun
Rang –Birangey vehmon mein main udta hun….

In colourful whims
I keep flying…

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