Jul 26, 2011

My Singing - Tere Siva (July 2011)

Salutations to all! :)

Well, my first singing-blogpost didn't get noticed, as much as I expected it would. But ah well, I still got some positive feedback from friends and family, and I guess it's fine that way, too. (Here's reference to it, for those who missed it: http://bit.ly/qPHmpV )

So here's a song that I'm uploading, a version which I sang even before "Jiyein Kyun", but that I decided to post only now, since "Jiyein Kyun" was a personal favorite. This one is called "Tere Siva", it's from the movie Delhi Belly.

And interestingly, the male singer of the original track, is the same as the all-famous "DK Bose" track, Ram Sampath. The song is composed by him, and he is accompanied by female vocalist Tarannum Malik (I didn't remove her part, while editing the track, so that the song doesn't sound empty without a female voice).

The lyrics are very subtly romantic and sweet, a HUGE contrast with the other songs of the album of Delhi Belly.

And finally here's reminding you, that this is purely an amateur's attempt, so do not expect highly-ranked vocals from me. But nevertheless, an honest attempt.

Hope you'll enjoy it, and pleeeease do write in your comments,



 Tere Siva - Delhi Belly (2011)

   Tere Siva by Santhosh by SanthM

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